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Generally, no, it's an F.

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Q: Is 50 percent passing grade in AMERICA?
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What is a 50 percent in a letter grade?

A 50 percent in a letter grade is an F.

If you have a 52 percent in science and the exam is worth 30 percent how much do you need to pass to get 50 and over?

If 50 is passing: right now the contribution towards the total grade is (.70)*52, so the total grade = (.70)*52 + (.30)*E [for the final exam grade]. If the target is 50 for the total grade, then 50 = (.70)*52 + (.30)*E, and solve for E = (50 - (.70)*52)/(.30) = 45.3333, so a grade of 46 would put the final grade over 50. By the way, the maximum possible grade of a 100 on the final will result in 66.4 for the total grade.

What is 15 percent of a 50 grade?

7.5 is 15% of 50.

31 percent out of 50 percent equals What is letter grade?

Percent is always out of 100. 31/50 is 62 percent and is a D

What letter grade is 71 percent?

50 percent chance a D+ or just a D

What grade is 36.2 percent of 50?

Probably around a D

Is tourettes due to heredity?

yes. and if you carry the gene you have a 50 percent chance of passing it to your child and then if they have it they have a 50 percent chance of showing symptoms

Is the grade 70 percent a good grade?

50% is not a good grade but not a bad grade either it's just barely passing a 70 is a pass But if you're used to getting over 90%, then 70% will seem like a bad grade.

If you have a 55 going into and exam worth 20 percent and you get 50 percent what will your final mark be?

80 percent (4 parts out of 5) of your final grade consists of the 55. 20 percent (1 part out of 5) of your final grade consists of the 50. The final grade is (1/5 of) (55 + 55 + 55 + 55 + 50) = (1/5 of) (270) = 54 percent

How do you get the grade average of 90 percent and 10 percent?

90+10 divided by 2=50

What letter grade is 50 percent?

an F

You have a 96 in the class and you got a 50 on your major assignment which is 60 percent of your grade What is your new score?

40% of the grade of 96 and 60% of the grade of 50 gives (.4x96+.6x50) = grade of 68

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