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Yes. 52/105 is the simplest form.

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32/105 is in its simplest form.

16/105 is in its simplest form.

82 over 105 is already in simplest form.

21/105 in simplest form is 1/5

21/52 is the simplest form.

52/9 is in its simplest form.

write the given fraction in simplest form 105/441

The answer to "what is 10/5 in its simplest form" is 2 . (10/5 = 2/1)

The simplest form of 108/105 is 36/35

52/7 is already in its simplest form

9/52 is in its simplest form.

31/52 is in its simplest form.

Its simplest form would be 6/15

105 over one thousand as a fraction in simplest form = 21/200

It is simply 52/1 as an improper fraction in its simplest formIt is simply 52/1 as an improper fraction

8 over 52 in simplest form is 2 over 13

Yes it is simplest form

52 percent as a fraction 52/100 in it's simplest form 13/25

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 105/27 is equal to 3 8/9 or three and eight ninths.

Fractions have 'simplest forms', but numbers don't.How could it get any simpler than ' 52 ' ?

You can't divide into it without making it a decimal so it's simplest form is itself (37/105).

105 divided by 100. the Answer is 1.05

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