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yes, but not of a whole number

the square root of 56 is 7.4833147735478827711674974646331

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Q: Is 56 a squared number
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A number added to its squared is 56 Find the number?

The number could be -8 or it could be +7.

The sum of a number and its square is 56?

The answer is 7. Seven squared is forty nine. 49 plus 7 equals 56.

What is 56 squared?


What is the value of each 35square 56square?

35 squared = 35 x 35 = 1225 56 squared = 56 x 56 = 3136

Is 56 squared rational?

Yes it is.

What is 24 by 56 squared?

By "squared", I'm certain you mean the 562, correct? If that's what you mean, then the answer to that is 75,264. The small 2 means that you multiply that number by itself, so 56x 56=3136, and 3136 x 24=75,264.

What is x squared -4x-60?


What is the answer to 4h squared -56?

4(h2 - 14)

Is 23 a squared number?

23 is not a squared number but it is a prime number

What is x squared -x -56?


What is x squared - x - 56?

x2-x-56 = (x+7)(x-8) when factored

What is 3.162278 squared?

A number squared means that the number is multiplied by itself.

Is the LCM of two squared number always a squared number?


Is 81 a squared number?

yes. it's a squared number of 9

What is A number b squared?

It is b*b

What is the product of the 6th squared number and the 5th squared number?


What is x squared plus 7x minus 56 in factored form?

x2 + 7x - 56 cannot be factorised.

Is 4h squared minus 56 factorable?

4(h2 - 14)

What is the area of a square with a side length of 56?

3136 units squared

What is four squared in standard form?

Four squared is 16. When a number is squared, multiply the number by itself once.

What is a squared number in math?

A squared number is the product of an integer times itself. So, 16 is a squared number. 4 * 4 = 16.

How you work out x squared minus x minus 56 0?

If you mean: x squared -x -56 = 0 then using the quadratic equation formula x = 8 or x = -7

What is the prime or composite number of 56?

56 is composite.

Is 2 a squared number?

no, a whole number cannot be squared to make 2

What do you call a number with a power of 2?

If a number is to the power of 2 it is "squared". The number that is squared is the "root".