Is 5 a prime or composite and why?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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5 is a Prime number. It has no positive integer factors other than itself and 1.

prime only factors are 5 and 1

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Q: Is 5 a prime or composite and why?
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Is 5 and 25 prime or composite?

5 prime, 25 composite.

Is the number 5 a composite?

5 is not a composite number: it is a prime.

Is 245 prime or composite?

composite, 5 can go into it

Is 5 a prime or composite or neither?

It is a prime.

Is 5 prime nor composite?

It is prime.

Is 5 a composite number or prime number?

5 is prime.

Is 765 prime or composite?

Composite. Is divisible by 5

Is 3725 composite or prime?

composite. divisible by 5

Is 85 a prime or composite?

Try dividing it by 5....

Which numbers are prime numbers and which are composite numbers from 1 to 100?

1 is special 2 prime 3 prime 4 composite 5 prime 6 composite 7 prime 8 composite 9 composite 10 composite 11 prime 12 composite ext.

Can composite numbers ending in 5 be a prime number?

A composite number cannot be a prime!!!!!!!!!!!!

What prime are composite of 80?

No primes are composite. The prime factors of 80 are 2 and 5.