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Q: Is 5 eighths greater than 3 eighths?
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Related questions

Is five eighths greater than three fourths?

No. 5 eights is less than 3 fourths

Is seven eighths greater than five eighths?

Yes it is. Just like 7 is greater than 5.

Is 3-8 less than or greater than 1-8?

If you mean fractions, three eighths is greater than one eighth. That could also be read as 3 minus 8 (-5) is greater than 1 minus 8 (-7)

What is fraction greater than four eighths?


Is 7 eighths greater than 5 tenths?

Yes, seven eighths is greater than five tenths. Five tenths, or one half, expressed in eighths would be four eighths. Since seven is greater than four, seven eighths is greater than four eighths (or five tenths). One easy way to know is use a calculator and do the division (seven divided by eight, and five divided by ten); in decimal form the higher value may be more quickly apparent when compared.

Is seven eights greater or less than five sixths?

7/8= .875 and 5/6=.8333...(3 repeating). This means that seven eighths is greater than five sixths.

Is 6 fifths greater or less than 3 thirds?

6/5 is greater than 3/3 by 1/5

Is five eighths greater or smaller than 0.5?

5/8 is greater than 0.5 which is the same as 1/2

Is 4 over 5 greater than 4 over 8?

Yes, four-fifths is greater than four-eighths.

Which is greater five eighths or 65 percent?

five eighths = 5/8 = 0.625 = 62.5% Hence five eighths < (less than) 65%

How is five eighths greater than three eighths?

5 > 3Dividing both sides of an inequality by a positive number does not alter the inequality.Therefore dividing by 8 gives 5/8 > 3/8.

What is greater two eighths or three fifths?

3/5. 3/5=60/100. 2/8=25. :D

What is less than 4 fifths and greater than 5 eighths?

Anything from 26/40 to 31/40

Is 8 tenths greater than 5 eights?

Eight tenths is greater. Eight tenths = 80%. Five eighths = 62.5%

Is five eighths greater than 0.625?

No because they are of equal value: 5/8 = 0.625

How can you use a number line to show that 5 over 8 is greater than 3 over 8?

Divide a number line into eight segments and label each one in eighths. 5/8 will be to the right of 3/8.

Is -5 grader than 3?

If you mean greater than then -5 is not greater than 3 because -5 is less than 3

Is seven and a half greater or less than twelve and seven ninths minus 5 and three eighths?

7 1/2 is greater

Is seven twelfths or five eighths the bigger fraction?

5/8 is greater than 7/12

Which fraction is bigger 2 thirds or 5 eighths?

Two thirds is (6 and 2/3) percent bigger than 5 eighths.

Is five ninths equal to greater than or less than seven eighths?

5/9 = .555 7/8 = .875 Thereby, five ninths is less than seven eighths.

What is 5 minus 3 and 5 eighths?

1 and 3 eighths

Is five and one fourth bigger than five and three eighths?

No it is not. 5 and 3 eighths are bigger by one eighth.

Is 0.375 greater than or less then 0.5?

0.375 is less than 0.5 - 0.375 is equal to 3/8 or three eighths while 0.5 is equal to 1/2 or a half.

Is five fifths greater than less than or equal to five eighths?

greater than. if the top numbers are the same and the bottom number on one is smaller (i.e. it is divided by less) then it is larger. 5/5 is 1 and 5/8 is less than 1 (0.625)