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Yes, it is 10 times greater than it.

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Q: Is 64 greater than 6.4
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What is greater 64 cm or 630 mm?

64 cm is greater than 630 mm which equals 63 cm

Is 64 in greater than or less than 5 ft?

64 inches is greater than 5 feet.

What decimal would be larger 0.6 or 0.64?

0.64 is greater than 0.6.

Is 64 cm greater than equal to or less than 630 mm?

64 cm is 1 cm greater than 630 mm

Is 65 greater than 63?

Yes, 65 is greater than 63.

Which decimal is greater 64 or 890?

890.0 is greater than 64.0

What is 2 quarts greater than?

It's greater than any amount less than 64 ounces

What is a square number greater than 50 and less than 100?


What number is not greater than 64?

I don't know how to "grate" a number ... numbers are not cheese. An infinite number of numbers are "greater" (larger) than 64. Likewise, an infinite number of numbers are not "greater" (in other words, less than) 64, starting with 63, 62, 61, ... Actually, there are an infinite numbers that are less than 64, but greater than 63, unless you specify "whole numbers".

How much greater is 310 than 64?

246 = 310 - 64

Is 4 pounds greater than 64 ounces?

Those forces are equal.

Cube number greater than 50 but less than 100?

It is 64 because 4*4*4 = 64

Is 64 oz greater than 4 pounds?


Is 64 cm greater or less than 630 mm?

1 cm equals 10 mm and 64 cm is 640 mm.So 64 cm is greater than 630 mm.

Is 32 greater than -32?


IS 0.64 or 0.46 greater?

0.64 is greater than 0.46

Is 5 lbs greater or smaller than 64 oz?

5 lbs is greater.

Which is greater 16 quarts or 60 cups?

16 quarts is greater because it equates to 64 cups.

Is 64 oz less than or greater than 2.2 L?

less than

Is 4 gallons greater than 64 cups?

Four gallons and 64 cups are equal amounts.

What is the greatest number of 64 and 48?

64 is greater than 48 but if you're asking about the GCF, it is 16.

What is the least prime number greater than 64?


Is 64 weeks greater than 420 days?


What type of angle is a 64 degree angle?

64 degrees is an acute angle because it is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees

What mixed number is greater than 4.63?

4 and 64/100 is just one of an infinite number of mixed numbers that are greater than 4.63.