Is 6 ml the same as 16ml?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Is 6 ml the same as 16ml?
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What is one fourth of 16ml?

4 ml

16 mL is how many drops?

16mL is 320 drops.

Is 0.6 ml the same as 6 ml?

NO! .6 ml is 6 tenths of 1 ml. 6 ml is 6 ml or .006 litres. .6 ml is .0006 litres

A piece of metal with a mass of 167 g is placed in a 50 mL graduated cylinder The water level rises from 20 mL to 36 mL What is the density of the metal?

Density = mass/volume = 167g/ (volume displaced) = 167g / (36mL - 20mL) = 167g/16mL = 10.4g/mL. Density is usually recorded in g/cm3 which is the same as g/mL so the density is 10.4g/cc. Also, to be extra correct, the answer should be rounded to 10g/cc because 16mL only has 2 significant figures so that is the number you report in your final answer.

How many mls is 16 oz?

16 US fluid ounces = 473.18 ml

What is 16ml as a decimal?


How much 16ml in fl oz?

16 fl oz is 473.2cc

If a 10ml cylinder had a piece of potato that made the water level in the cylinder increase to 16ml what is the volume of the potato?


How do you convert 16ml into a teaspoon?

One teaspoon equals 5ml, so 16ml will equal three teaspoons plus a tiny bit more.

How much water should be added to 16ml of 9 percent alcohol solution to reduce the concentration to 8 percent?

The way I would do this is to first determine the amount of alcohol and that would be 0.09 x 16 ml = 1.44 ml then I would ask myself (0.08 * x) = 1.44 Therefore to have an 8% solution we would have a total of 18 ml of solution (by solving the above equation), thus we would have to add 2 ml of water (18 ml - 16 ml).

How many ml are they in 6 cm?

6 ml

6 oz ml?

6 oz is ~ 180 ml (exactly 177,42) oz = 29.57 ml 6 x 29,57 = 177,42 ml