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Q: Is 6 parts of a tenths model the same as 6 squares of a hundredths model?
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Related questions

What is 0.6 as a percentage?

60% Six tenths is Sixty One-Hundredths, and per cent is parts per hundred.

Explain why 2 tenths is larger than 2 hundredth?

I can but try. 2 tenths is 2 divided into 10 parts. 2 hundredths is 2 divided into 100 parts. Since the latter is "chopped up" into more parts, each part is smaller.

How do you find the nearest tenth of a number?

Look at the hundredths place only. If it is 5 or more round up, add one to the tenths place, and throw away the hundredths and all decimal parts to the right of it. If the hundredths place is less than 5 round down, which means keep the tenths place the same and throw away the hundredths and all decimal parts to the right of it. Ex: 65.734 ... 3 is the hundredths place and is less than 5 ... round down = 65.7 or 74.38111 --- 8 is the hundredths place and is greater than 5 ... round up = 74.4

Why is 0.77 bigger than 0.7?

Because - 0.77 is 77 parts of 100... 0.70 is only 70 parts of 100 !

What is the difference between a whole 1 and three tenths?

1 is the whole number a whole broken in to tenths is 10 10 tenths (10/10) Therefore 3/10 (three tenths) is 3 parts of the whole amount

How many tenths are in a foot?

Ten tenths add up to one whole anything. Ten tenths of a foot are one foot. Same with ten tenths of a mile, an ounce, a century, a piano, a book, an apple, and a city. If you divide something into parts and you have all of the parts, you have the whole thing. If you mean something like "how many tenths of inches are in a foot," that's a different question. ---- You could change the measurement to the metric system, which is based on tenths.

What is parts per hundred hundredths?

percent"Hundredths" means 1 out of a hundred. Or 1/100 (.01) so a hundred hundredths is 1.

Parts per hundred-hundredths?

If you quote a concentration 'x' as so many parts per hundred, then that number does represent hundredths. It's just a fraction, x/100

What are three tenths?

Three out of ten equal parts.

How can you divide 9 inches into 5 equal parts?

Use a ruler marked with tenths of an inch. One and eight-tenths per part.

What is one of ten equal parts?

One of ten equal parts would be a tenth.

What parts per hundred hundredths?

i don't have any friend.

Five tenths of a circle equals what decimal part of the circle?

Five-tenths of a circle is 5 parts of a circle that is divided into 10 parts. To convert 5/10 to a decimal, simply take the 5 and put a decimal to the left of it. The answer is then .5.

What is 0.60 in tenths?

6/10 six-tenths One whole is divided into ten equal parts, in which 6 parts is 6tenths

What is the definition of tenths?

A tenth is one of ten equal parts.

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How many squares on a netball court?

A normal netball court should be split into three squares/parts. Of course, there might be the odd exception where the court has more or less than three squares. Also, the thirds in a netball court aren't always exact squares, but they are sometimes.

Where do i put the Decimal for three tenths?

Parts of a number like 3 tenths always go on the right side of the decimal point. Whole numbers go on the left side of the decimal point 3 tenths = .3

Which decimal is greater 7.05 or 7.5 please explain?

7.5 is greater. Each number has seven ones. 7.5 has 5 tenths. 7.05 has zero tenths. 5 is greater than zero.

Explain the square of the sum of two numbers is different from the sum of the squares of two numbers?

split 10 in two parts such that sum of their squares is 52. answer in full formula

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