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Q: Is 6qt greater than or less than or equal to 20c?
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Is 12pt more or less than 20c?

What is "c" . There is no such recognised measure.

Is -40 C colder than -20 C?

-40 is less then -20 so -40c is colder then -20c.

Which is bigger 6 qt or 20c?

6 qt is a greater

Is 20 C colder than 78 F?

Yes, 20C is colder than 78F. 20C is 68F.

What does 20 x c-8 equal?


What is 20C Fahrenheit or Celsius?

20 C is Celsius, equal to 68 Fahrenheit.

What coin is less than a quarter but more than a dime?

no such thing. Think again - An Australian 20c coin. Its value is also less than a US quarter but more than a US dime. I suspect there are many other examples.

What is 20c in Fahrenheit?


Which is colder -20C or -20F?


Which is hotter 20C or 20F?

20c is hotter.

What would be the final temperature if a 1kg block of iron at 40 c is placed into 1kg of water at 20c?

A) more than 30c B) at or about 30c C) less than 30c The correct answer is A) more than 30c

What is the minimum number of notes and coins needed to give 34.85 change?

$20, $10, $2, $2, 20c, 20c, 20c, 20c, 5c

What is the best temperature to go skiing 20c 20f?

20f. 20c is 68f, a brisk spring day. There would be no snow at 20c.

What is the mass 150cm to the third power of liquid water?

At room temperature (20C) 149.7 grams. At higher temperatures it will be less.

What is colder 5 degrees Celsius or 20 degrees Celsius?

5C is colder than 20C

What is hotter 10 degrees Celsius or 20 degrees Celsius?

20C is warmer than 10C

What is between 20c and -15?


What is the temperature range in Mongolia?

winter= 20c (13f) summer= +20c (65f)

What is the range of earth's surface temperature?

From -20C to 50 C From -20C to 50 C

What is the value of 1965 south Africa 20c?

Value of old 1965 20c english

What the range temperatures of Earth's surface?

From -20C to 50 C From -20C to 50 C

Which is colder -10 Celsius or -20 Celsius?

-20C. -10C is just "cold". -20C is "REALLY cold".

A volume of water is heated from 20C to 80C what happens?

The heat energy causes the molecules of H2O to move faster, imparting greater kinetic energy, and the temperature of the water increases.

Where is seat 20C on Boeing 737 300?

Seat 20C is an aisle seat at the rear of the wing.

What is the Value of 1965 South Africa 20c coins?

Value of old 1965 20c english