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Q: Is 6yd. greater less or equal to 12ft.?
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Related questions

Which is greater 6yd or 20ft?

20 ft

6yd equal to how many feet?

18 feets

What does 9yd 7ft subtract 6yd 8ft equal?

2yd 6ft

6yd 11in equal how many inches?

36 x 6 = 216 + 11 = 227"

How many feet equals 6yd?

6yd x 3ft/yd = 18 ft.

How many ft in 6yd?


What is the area of 7yd 9yd 4yd 6yd?


How many ft are in 6yd and 1ft?

19 ft

What is the answer to 6yd 1ft plus 3yd 2ft?

10 yds

What is the sum of 9yd 7ft - 6yd 8ft?

8 yds

What is 9yd 7ft minus 6yd 8ft?

2yd 9ft

Find the area of 6yd by 3.6yd?

21.6 square yards

How many yards are 84 ft 6yd?

20 yards

What is the area of a circle with the diameter of 6yd?

approx. 28.27 square yards

What is 6yd 1ft- 1yd 2ft?

4yd 2ftas 1yd 2ft + 1ft = 2yd6yd 1ft - 2yd = 4yd 1ftthen + 1ft = 4yd 2ft

How many yards and inches are in 18 feet and 6 inches?

6yd 6in

What is the area of a triangle that is 3.6yd and 6yd?

0.5*3.6*6 = 10.8 square yards

What is the difference between 9yd 7ft and 6yd 8ft?

2 yd. 9 ft.

What is 6yd 8ft plus 12yd9ft?

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 6 yard 8 feet is equal to 8 yards 2 feet, and 12 yards 9 feet is equal to 15 yards. Therefore, adding the two together gives you 23 yards, 2 feet.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle 6yd by 3yd?

Perimeter of rectangle: 6+3+6+3 = 18 yards

How many inches in 6yd 2ft?

6yd 2ft= in 12 inches in a foot so 12 x 2 =24 36 inches in 1 yard so 6 x 36 =216 24+216=240 inches

How many 6yd 1ft equals ft?

(6 x 3) + 1 = 19 feet.

Which is bigger 6 yd or 12 ft?

6yd is 18 ft so 6 yards is bigger by 50%

What is the sum of 3 yd 15 in and 1 yd plus 1yd 3ft 6 inches?

6yd 1ft 9ins

How may inches are in 6yd and 2 ft?

6 yd) plus (2 ft) = 240 inches

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