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Yes, because 700 is bigger than 400 and both have the same denominator, in billionths

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Q: Is 700 billionths bigger than 400 billionths?
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What is a number you can square that is bigger than 700 but smaller than 800?

what is a number you can square that is bigger than 700 but smaller than 800?

What has wavelengths between one thousandth and 700 billionths of a meter?

They are infrared waves! ^__^

What is 700 billionths in scientific notation?

In countries that use the long scale (based on powers of a million) like Europe700 billionths = 700 x 10-12 = 7 x 10-10In countries that use the short scale (based on powers of a thousand) like USA700 billionths = 700 x 10-9 = 7 x 10-7

The cube number that is bigger than 600 but smaller than800?

93 = 729

Is 700 k bigger than 700 KB?

700 k is the same thing as 700 kb...its just a slang use for it.

Is 1 kg bigger than 700 g?

Yes' 700 grams is bigger than 1kilogram because it is the highest number and that 700 is bigger than 1. I want to know if some can answer this problem you will earn $5.00 17+1000+700= the answer will be solved by a person any person can answer this problem . emailis

Write seven hundred billionths?

A billionth (0.000000001) represents the number one divided into one billion parts. 700 billionths can therefore be written as 0.000000700 or: 0.0000007

What fraction of 400 is 700?

700/400 = 7/4 in fraction

When you have a set of numbers including 700 300 400 and 600 what is the range?

The range is 400. (700 - 300 = 400)

What number is 100 greater than 800?

It is: 800+100 = 900

Is 322 MB bigger than 700 k?

322 mb = 322 x 1000000 = 322000000 700 k = 700 x 1000 = 700000 322 mb is greater than 700 k

What number is smaller than 700 but bigger than 600?

Beach ima flip you up

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