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73 is prime.

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Q: Is 73 a primer or composite number?
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Is 73 a composite number?

no 73 is a prime number.

Which is a composite number 29 43 73 93?

93 is a composite number. 29, 43, and 73 are all primes.

Is 56 and 17 a composite number?

56 + 17 = 73 The only factors of 73 are 1 and itself. It is a prime number, not a composite number.

Is 73 prime composite or neither?

73 is a prime number

Is the number 73 a prime or composite number?


Is 33 primer composite?

33 is a composite number as it can be divisible by 1, 3, 11, 33.

Is the number 73 a prime number or a composite number?

The number 73 is a prime number as it can only be divided by itself and one

Is 100 primer or composite?

composite :)

Is 147 a primer number or composite number?

147 is a composite number because it has at least one positive factor other than one or itself.

Is 365 a prime or composite number?

365 is a composite number. Other than itself and 1, it is divisble by 5 and 73.

What is the greatest common factor of 18 and 73?

The GCF of a prime number and a composite number is 1 if the former is not a factor of the latter. 73 is a prime number and 18 is a composite number and 73 is not a factor of 18 because 18 is not divisible by 73. So, GCF(73, 18) = 1.

Is 55553 prime or composite?

The number 55553 is composite. 73 x 761 = 55553