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7 cm is much smaller than 698 mm

698 mm = 69.8 cm whereas 7 cm = 70mm

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Q: Is 7 cm bigger or smaller than 698 mm?
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Is m bigger or less than cm?

A centimeter (cm) is smaller than a meter (m), so m is bigger than cm.

Is 5.0324 cm bigger than 5.17 cm?

No, it is smaller.

Is 1m bigger or smaller than 650cm?

6.5m = 650 cm, which is bigger than 1m..

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56 cm is smaller than 56000 km.

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They are the same

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Is 8 cm bigger smaller or equal to 1 m?

1 m = 100 cm8 cm is 92 cm smaller than 1m

How many 698 mm are cm?

698 mm = 69.8 cm

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4 inch = 10.16 cm So 4 inch is slightly bigger than 10 cm

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Much smaller. Six meters is 600 cm

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