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it is less than 5 out of ten because 7 out of ten = 70% and 5 out of 6 = 83%

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Q: Is 7 out of ten greater than 5 out of six or less than?
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Is six quarts greater than or less than ten pints?

6 quarts is 12 pints

What are the symbols for greater than ad less than than?

Greater than: > Lesser than: < Example: 10 > 2 (ten is greater than two), 2 < 10 (two is less than ten).

How do you enter a password from a keyboard which is less than six characters and with maximum characters of ten?

All passwords which are less than six characters will be below a maximum character limit of ten, since six is less than ten.

Is 0.09 greater or less than 0.1?

0.09 is ten percent less than 0.1 .

Is 0.042 greater than or less than 0.42?

Less. 0.42 is ten times greater than 0.042.

Translate six less than ten into mathematical symbols?

(10-6)The ten first existed then you subtracted the six.This is NOT 6 is less than ten, 6

What number is ten times greater than six?


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What is the only perfect number less than ten?


Is 0.10 greater than or less than 0.01?

yes by a factor of ten. 0.10 is ten times greater than 0.01

What is less than five but more than ten?

Nothing is both less than 5 and greater than 10. It is impossible.

What is a number greater than one million but less than ten million?


Is 23.4 less than 2.34?

Don’t have a clue

Is 3.1 greater or less than 3.15?

less than. three and ten one hundredths is less than three and fifteen one hundredths.

Any non-negative number less than ten?

Yes, an infinite amount. Any greater than zero and less than 10 The answer is digit. Any number that is less than ten and greater than zero will be a single digit. Once it hits ten, it becomes double digits and continues to increase.

What is a square number is less then ten odd and is greater than fifty?

9 is an odd square number less than 10 and 92 = 81 which is greater than 50

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Is 0.41 greater than or less than 0.041?

0.41 is ten times the size of 0.041

What digit could be in the ten millions place f a number that is greater than 70000000 but less than 100000000?

Numbers greater than seventy million and less than one hundred million could have a 7, 8 or 9 in the ten millions place.

What symbol is used to show one thing is greater than and another less than?

10>9; 10 is greater (>) rhan nine 9<10; 9 is less (<) than ten

What digit could be in the ten millions of a number that is less than 55000000but greater than 25000000?


What is greater than ten and less than negative fifteen?

There is no single number that satisfies those conditions.

How many times is the six in 69 greater than six in 96?

The value of 6 in 69 is 60, while the 6 in 96 is 6 units (ones in USA). Therefore. ten times greater.

Is nine over ten less than or greater than seven over ten?

9/10 is more than 7/10 For fractions having the same denominator, the one with the larger numerator will be greater.

Is 5000 cm equal greater or less than 5 m?

Greater - 5000 cm is ten times longer than 5 m.