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Please consider the following two facts:

A negative number to an even power is positive; but a negative number to an odd power is negative.

Any positive number is greater than any negative number.

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Q: Is 8.5 greater than negative 10 to the power of 3?
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Is negative 10 greater than negative 4?

no -10 is less than -4

What is an integer whose absolute value is greater than itself?

Any negative number has an absolute value that is greater than itself.

Is negative 10 greater than negative 10.6?

Yes it is.

Is negative 8 greater than negative 10?


What is greater 10 or negative 9?

10>-9 (ten is greater than negative nine)

Is negative 10 greater than negative 1 in pre-algebra?

No because -10 is less than -1

What does the greater than symbol look like?

The greater than symbol is > Example: -5 negative is greater than -10 negative -5 > -10

What is 10 the the 0 power?

I'm guessing you mean, "What is 10 to the 0th power?"The answer, of course, is the same for 10, as it is for anything else, 1, because numbers greater than 1 to a negative power are less than 1, but greater than 0, and numbers greater than 1 to powers between 0 and 1 are between 1 and that number.

What do you get when you subtract a negative by a negative?

It's either positive or negative depending on the number that is greater than the second number. Example subtract 10 from 20 the answer is 10. 20 as being the greater than 10. Another example subtract 5 from -10 the answer is -15. -10 as being the greater than 5. Take note when subtracting positive and negative integers you change the sign of the subtrahend.

Is negative 7 greater than positive 10?


Is positive 10 greater than negative 2?

Positive 10 is greater than negative 2. A good way to help visualise is to imagine a number line with 0 in the middle. 1,2,3,4 head off to the right, and -1, -2, -3, -4 head off to the left. The further the right a number is, the greater it is. So 6 is greater than 2. 8 is greater than 0, and 10 is greater than negative 2.

Is -10 greater than -14?


Is 6 greater than -4?


What is smaller is it 10 raised to the power of negative 7 or 10 raised to the power of negative 2?

10-7 is smaller than 10-2.

What number is greater 10 to the power 390?

If you mean "greater than", you can raise it to a higher power.

Can a negative number be greater than a positive number?

No. All positive numbers are greater than zero and all negative numbers are less than zero. Therefore, all positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers. That said, there is a such thing as absolute value, which is how far a number is from zero. For example the absolute value of -10 is 10. The absolute value of a negative number can be greater than that of a positive number.

What is greater negative 5 or negative 15?

Negative 5 is greater. - 5- (-10) = 10

Is negative 20 greater than negative 10?


Is 10 to the negative 2 power bigger than 10 to the negative 5 power?

Yes. 10^-2 = 1/(10^2) = 1/100, 10^-5 = 1/100000

What is 10 to the negative 9th power divided by 10 to the third power?

10 to the negative 12 power

Is a multiple always greater than its factor?

Not with negative numbers. -10 is a multiple of -2.

What is an integer smaller than negative 15 and greater than 10?

There is no integer that satisfies both of those conditions.

Explain why 6.3 mutiply 10 to the second power is greater than 9.7 mutiply by 10 to the fourth power?

It isn't.

Is negative 10 greater than negative fifteen?

-10 is 'higher up' on the number line than -15, so it is greater. Think of a thermometer. Which is warmer -10° or -15°. Or suppose you are diving in water. Which is 'higher up' 15 feet below the surface (-15) or 10 feet below the surface (-10).

What number is 2 below -6?

your answer is -8 remember when you are counting negative numbers the more negative the number is the less that actual value is... Ex. Negative 5million is less than Negative 1 Negative 11 is greater than Negative 5hundred trillion Negative 9 is greater than Negative 10