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Q: Is 8 gallons bigger or smaller than 1 152ounces?
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Is 204 gallons bigger or smaller than 204 quarts?


Is 15 gallons bigger or smaller than 50 liters?

15 gallons is bigger.

Is 2 gallons bigger or smaller than 5 liters?


Is 17 quarts bigger or smaller than 4 gallons?


Is 7 liters smaller equal to or bigger than 2 gallons?

7 liters = 1.85 US gallons (approx). So 7 liters is smaller.

Is pint bigger than gallons?

No pints are not bigger than gallons. Gallons are bigger than pints.

Is 5 gallons bigger or smaller than 19 liters?

5 US gallons is almost the same as 19 litres.

Are pints bigger than gallons?

A pint is 8 times smaller than a gallon.

Is 4 quarts bigger than 2 gallons or smaller?

4 quarts = 1 gallon

Is 3 gallons bigger then 10 gallons?

No, 10 is bigger than three!

Is a globe bigger or smaller than earth?

Globe is smaller than earth.

Is 10 gal bigger then 60 qt?

10 gallons is 40 quarts so it is smaller than 60 quarts.

Is 12 mm bigger or smaller than 1 cm?


Which is bigger 1.2 gallons or 14 gallons?

14 gallons. 1.2 gallons is less than one and a half gallons, 14 gallons is fourteen gallons. 14 gallons is bigger.

Is 12 liters bigger than 2.75 gallons?

Bigger; about 3.17 US gallons.

Is 5 yards bigger or smaller than 175 inches?

5 yards is smaller than 175 inches.

Which is bigger 4 quarts or 2 gallons?

2 gallons in bigger than 4 quarts.

What is bigger than a cell but smaller than organs?

The answer is tissues, they are way bigger than cells but smaller than those big organs

Is 0.5 smaller or larger than 0.8?

0.8 is bigger than 0.5 0.8 > 0.5

Why is a bigger person's voice bigger than a smaller person's voice?

A bigger persons voice is bigger than a smaller persons voice because a bigger person chest is bigger while the smallers person chest is smaller.

How big the moon is?

Bigger than a car, bigger than a city ,smaller than earth, smaller than the sun, smaller than my completeley enormus, gargantuan penis.

Is 3 gallons greater than 25 pints?

There are 8 pints in a gallon - you figure the answer .

What is bigger a quarts or gallons?

Gallons are larger than quarts.

What is bigger 15 gallons or liters?

15 gallons is about 57 times bigger than 15 liters.

An angle bigger than 180 and smaller than 360?

Well, Anything bigger than 180 but smaller than 360 .