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97 is prime.

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Q: Is 97 a prime or coposite number?
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What is 63 a prime or coposite number?

It is not a prime nor a coposite. It is a composite number, though.

Is 7 a coposite number?

No it is prime

Is 37 a coposite number or a prime number or neirher?

37 is a prime number

Is 83 prime or coposite?

Yes, 83 is a prime number.

Is 82 prime or coposite?

It is a composite number

Is 3 a prime or coposite number?


Is 57 prime or coposite number?


The only positive number that is nether prime or coposite?


Is 37 a prime or coposite number why?

37 is a prime number only 1 multiplied by 37 will get you 37.

Are all even numbers coposite?

Yes except 2 which is a prime number

Is 26 a coposite number?

Yes, 26 is even, and it is not 2, so it is composite (not prime)

Is 69 prime or coposite?