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one tenth is greater than 9 hundredths

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Q: Is 9 hundredths or one tenth greater?
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Which is greater 9 hundredths or 1 tenth?

1 tenth is greater than 9 hundredths.

Why 9 hundredths greater than one tenth?

its not 0.09 (nine hundredths) 0.1 (one tenth)

How is one tenth greater than nine hundredths?

1/10= .10= 10%9/100= .09= 9%Thus, 1/10 is bigger than 9/100.

What is a digit in the hundredths place that is one tenth larger than one tenth of 9?

1/10 of 9 is 0.9. 0.99 is 1/10 larger (/100, x110%). So 9 would be in the hundredths position

How many hundredths equal a tenth?

Ten hundredths equal a tenth. For example, when you add 1 hundredth (0.01) to 9 hundredths (0.09), you get 1 tenth (0.1).

Is 47.3 greater than 47.99?

No 47.99 is greater than 47.3. This is because 47.3 is the same as 47.30 therefore as 47. 99 has a 9 in the tenth place and a 9 in the hundredths place, and 47.3 has a 3 in the tenths place and a 0 in the hundredths place therefore 47.99 is the greater number.

2.89 to the nearest tenth?

When rounding to the nearest tenth, look to the hundredths place. Since 9 is in the hundredths place in this number, which is greater than 4, we round up, so the 8 becomes a nine. The answer is therefore 2.9.

What is 1 hundredth from 1 tenth?

9 hundredths

IS one and one tenth greater than nine tenth?

Yes. One whole and a tenth is more than 9 tenths, which is not even a whole

How many ones and tenths and hundredths is 9.15?

9 ones + 1 tenth + 5 hundredths

What is 1 tenth of 2 wholes?

9 one thousands = 90 (tens, tenths,thousands, or hundredths)

Is 1.309 greater than 1.39?

No. 1.309 has no hundredths whereas 1.39 has 9 hundredths. 9 is greater then 0 so 1.39 is greater than 1.309.

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