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Q: Is 9 km greater than ir less than 9000 m?
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Is potential difference always less than emf of the cell?

No. Because during charging process of a battery current flows in opposite direction to the discharging/consumption. so equation Emf=P.d. +Ir is changed to Emf=p.d. +Ir. Hence during charging process of a battery Potential difference is greater than electromotive force.

X minus 4 is always greater than or equal to what number?

Suppose y was such a number. Then if x = y, then x-4 is less than x ir x-4<y so y does not satisfy the requirements. This applies to any y, so the only solution is minus infinity.

Can the index of refraction ever be less than zero?

No. This would imply that the speed of light in that medium was greater than the speed of light in a vacuum, which is physically impossible according to the theory of relativity. The relative index of refraction can be negative... that is, the speed in the medium may be faster than the speed in the surrounding environment... but the absolute IR cannot be negative.

How does workers comp in the NFL pay for those on injuried reserve?

Players placed on IR are still paid by the team. Most players have a down amount that is less than their full salary and that is what they are paid while on IR.

Is ir possible to construct a triangle with sides 4 5 and 9?

4+9>5 5+9>4 4+5 is not greater than 9 No, since it doesn't comply with the Triangle Inequality Theorem (the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side)

How does the wavelength of infrared (IR) compare with the wavelength of Ultraviolet (UV) waves?

IR waves are longer than UV waves.

How durable are kohler sinks compared to others?

Depending on what sink you are comparing a kohler sink to ir could be more or less durable than others ,but I find that it's often more durable than others.

Why is Adderall xr better than Adderall ir?

I have always prefered IR to XR, because I believe that IR works alot longer than 3-5 hours or whatever. And XR can build you up at the beginning and make you feel as though it's worn off which leads people to take more and that's always a problem. IR I believe kicks in and doesn't wear off for 8+ hours and doesn't really make you feel bad 2 hours after taking it. Not so much it's better, it depends on what you need to accomplish. A IR is best for doing alot within 4 hours, while XR's last around 8-10hours but felt less than it's IR counterpart.

Are IR thermometers best for taking baby's temperature?

"IR thermometres are quick and easy to use for babies. They are very accurate when used correctly, and can be easier to use than the traditional methods. On the other hand, IR thermometres are often much more expensive than traditional types as well."

Why can UV break apart molecules and IR only speeds up the molecules vibrations?

Ultraviolet waves have shorter wavelengths than Infrared waves. Since the relationship between wavelength and frequency is inversely proportional, UV waves have a much higher frequency than IR waves. IR waves have a frequency around 1012 Hertz, while UV waves' frequencies are around 1018 Hz. Thus, UV waves are more powerful than IR waves and can cause binds between molecules to break much more easily than IR waves.

Can you get a texturizer while you have a relaxer in your hair?

No. You will damage ir more than it already is.

Which is more intense the UV rays or the IV rays?

UV ray is more intense. IR rays are less.