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I think you mean Algebra 1 & 2

If you did, Algebra 1 is the basic stuff. Algebra 2, you get more complex, but it's still a basic idea.

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Q: Is Algebra A or Algebra B is more advanced and what is the differences?
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What is more advanced Pre-algebra A or B?


Is Algebra A or Algebra B is more advanced and what's the difference?

Algebra A and B Are Only The Beginning Of An algebra Level

What algebra is more advanced algebra 1 or algebra 1a?

They are the same thing but when you go into Algebra 1a, its like part one, and there is a part b, and just algebra 1 is the same thing, but not in two parts. Some schools offer a two-year course that covers algebra 1 in two years. in this case, algebra 1a is less advanced than algebra 1, since the pace is only half as fast.

How do you write 25 and b more in an expression in algebra?

25 + b

WHAT IS b-b algebra problem?

It is: b minus b = zero

What is the difference between algebra and linear algebra?

Linear Algebra is a special "subset" of algebra in which they only take care of the very basic linear transformations. There are many many transformations in Algebra, linear algebra only concentrate on the linear ones. We say a transformation T: A --> B is linear over field F if T(a + b) = T(a) + T(b) and kT(a) = T(ka) where a, b is in A, k is in F, T(a) and T(b) is in B. A, B are two vector spaces.

What is algebra and geometry-?


Why doesn't every team have an a and b team?

because the a team is usually more advanced and the b team is slower

What is higher proficient or advanced?

Advanced. In school proficient is a B and advanced is an A

Is pre-algebra or algebra 1 better?

Algebra 1 is in a way better than Pre-Algebra. Algebra 1 is more advanced than Pre-Algebra and will increase your chances in college. But of course there are higher levels than Algebra 1, and if you can master those or at least maintain a decent grade (as in B or higher and maybe a C but it depends on which college or school you are planning on going to). You should not want to take the easy road in life, and that is for everything you do. Pre-Algebra is an easy road and although you may bother to learn the basics and call it a success in life, you sould still go further and maybe you will become something greater tha you expect of yourself. So, the answer to your question is answered with another question: "Do you want to become more successful in life and do Pre-Algebra or are you going to do something maybe even higher than Algebra 1?"

What is the definition of pre-algebra?

If a=b and b=c then a must = c

Words that have m and b in it?

Trasnlate m + b into words for algebra

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