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Q: Is Australia 20 times larger than japan?
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How many times is japan larger than Australia?

The area of Australia is more than 20 times the area of Japan.

How many times can Australia fit into japan?

Australia is larger than Japan, so I'd say 0.

How many times in Australia larger than Greenland?


Is Australia's size 20 times Japan's size?

The area of Australia is 7,686,850 km2 The area of Japan is 377,873 km2 7,686,850 ÷ 377,873 = 20.34 So yes, Australia is slightly larger than 20 times the size of Japan.

Is Japan larger than Australia?

No no australias smallest state is bigger than japan

Are the 48 states about 2 times or 20 times larger than Japan?

The 48 contiguous states are about 20 times larger than Japan in terms of land area. Japan is a relatively small country, while the United States is much larger in size due to the vast land area it covers across North America.

Is Iran bigger than Australia?

No. Australia is many times larger than Iran.

How many times is hamburg larger than Australia?

It's not. Hamburg is a town in Germany, and Australia is many times larger than all of Germany. Australia is around 10 100 times the size of Hamburg.

What are the two countries near Japan that are much larger in area than Japan?

China and Russia are two larger countries close to Japan.

How many times larger is Australia than Belgium?

3000 times

How many times larger is Malaysia's population than Australia?

1.2 times

How many times is canada bigger than australia?

Canada is 1.31 times larger than Australia.