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Not really.

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2014-11-19 12:17:57
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Q: Is Bermuda triangle is related to maths?
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Can you relate mathematics with Bermuda triangle?

mathematics and Bermuda triangle is two different things. Bermuda triangle is name of a place which is famous for airplane crashes, it is not related with maths.

How is maths and Bermuda triangle related?

The Bermuda triangle is imaginary lines drawn from Miami, to Puerto Rico, to Bermuda, and passes over part of the Bahamas. All of these inclusive countries teach math in their schools.

Show the map of the Bermuda triangle?

See the related links below for maps of the Bermuda triangle.

Q and A of Bermuda triangle?

You may refer to the site related answered question, e.g. : Where are the three points located in the Bermuda Triangle? What is the legacy of Bermuda Triangle ?

How is Bermuda related to math?

It is not, except in popular mythology in the form of the Bermuda Triangle.

Is the Bermuda Triangle related with Antichrist?

No. The Bermuda Triangle is a geographic area. It has nothing to do with the anti-Christ, should one exist.

Is there any religon data related to the Bermuda Triangle?


Is the Bermuda triangle in Bermuda?

No. The Bermuda triangle is by Florida in the Bahamas.

Why is it known as the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is named after the island of Bermuda.

Is the Bermuda triangle a whirl pool?

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangle.

Is Bermuda in the Bermuda triangle?

Yes, the Island of Bermuda is the northern point of the triangle.

Is there pyramids in the Bermuda triangle?

No there are no pyramids in the bermuda triangle Idiot

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