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Q: Is Broadcasting is a one-to-one transmission method?
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Luggage limit on iberia air?

What do you understand by the term broadcasting in farming?

The method of sowing of seeds by hand at random is known as broadcasting.

Why is broadcasting not efficient method of sowing seeds?

because this method does not ensure a uniform distribution of seeds and requires a lot of time and manual labour.

What method do wireless networks use to determine if other nodes are currently broadcasting?


How do you prevent collisions in a broadcasting domain?

You can't eliminate collision in a broadcasting domain. What you can do is to increase the number of collision domain within a broadcasting domain by using more switches. this will improve your network traffic because the more the collision domain, the better is your network in terms of data transmission performance.

Describe the ancient method of information transmission?

describe the ancient method of transmitting information

What does transmission mean?

Transmission refers to the process of transferring of any material. This can be the spreading of a disease (i.e. transmission of a virus) or the broadcasting of electromagnetic waves from one location to another (i.e. television or radio transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver).

What is the slowest transmission method for broadband technology?

ISDN (64k) is currently the slowest transmission method for broadband. Anything lower is deemed as "dial-up"(56k).

What is data broadcasting in terms of a LAN?

A broadcast packet is sent and received by all systems on a LAN; it can contain any kind of data. The more broadcasting that a LAN does, the slower it will be overall since every device has to read the packet.

What method of signal transmission uses radio waves to carry signals?

The analog method of signal transmission uses radio waves to carry signals. Digital transmission involves the use of satellites to transmit signals.

What digital transmission method was created in 1984?


Is there a tv with European subtitles sold in Australia?

Any subtitles are added by the broadcasting station prior to transmission - NOT the tv set itself !