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No. Density is mass divided by volume.

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Q: Is Density derived from length divided by volume?
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Why is density a derived unit?

Density is a mass of a volume unit. A unit of density is defined as a unit of mass divided by unit of volume. In its turn, a unit of volume is a third degree of a unit of length. Mass and length units are main units. So density is a derived unit as derived from main units.

What is the ratio of density?

Density is a derived unit: mass divided by volume.

How is density derived from an objects mass and volume?

mass divided by volume gives the density(M/V=Density)

Is an object's density equal to its mass divided by its length?

Not exactly. Density is weight divided by volume.

How derived units are derived from base units?

units of velocity (derived from unit of length and time), density (derived from unit of mass and volume),force (derived from unit of mass, length and time)

What are the metric units for length mass weight volume and density?

meters, grams, liters Density is mass divided by volume.

How SI units for volume and density are derived from SI base units for length and mass?

Unit of length is m and that of mass is kg Now volume is length x length x lenght. SO volume would have the unit mxmxm = m3 Density = mass / volume So unit for density = kg /m3

What is at is the formula for volume and density?

for volume it is width times hight times length for desity it is mass divided by volume

Is centimeter cube a volume length or density?

it's a volume. V=L*W*H density is mass divided by volume. kg/m^3

Is density volume divided by mass?

No density is mass divided by volume.

Is volume fundamental or derived quantity?

Volume is derived, from length.

How do you calculate density of a rectangular solid?

Density is weight divided by volume. In the case of a rectangular solid, volume is length times width times height.

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