Is Earth surface curved

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: Is Earth surface curved
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What is the term that describes the curved surface of the earth transferred to a flat surface?

nelcomous (its a term in greek which is a term described the curved surface of the earth transferred to a flat surface.) Nelcomous

Would a shadow cast on Earth be straight or curved?

Well, if you had a shadow cast on earth, it would appear curved because the of the Earth's surface is curved

Moving information from a curved surface to a flat surface causes?

When information is moved from a curved surface( like the Earth) to a flat surface ( like a map), distortion occurs.

What is a flat representation of earth's curved surface called?

A map.

How many does a curved surface does a square pyramid have?

One surface, if one surface is flush with the curvature of the earth's surface.

Why do the sun rays strike the earth's surface at different angles?

because earth is curved

Why do surface winds blow on a curved path?

Because the Earth rotates.

What causes wind to follow a curved path over earth's surface?


Why are all maps distorted?

Cause a map is flat, and the Earth is curved. Can't force a curved image onto a flat surface w/o losing something.

Is prism has curved surface?

No prism can have a curved surface.

Does a pyramid have a curved surface?

No but a cone has a curved surface

Can we say that horizontal motion is parallel to the earth's surface?

Technically speaking, no, because the surface of the Earth is curved and what "parallel" means with respect to a curved surface is slightly ambiguous. It would be more accurate to say that it's perpendicular to the surface normal (or parallel to the tangent plane, which amounts to the same thing) at that point.