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The multiplication most people are familiar with which you probably learned in school, IS commutative - that's the multiplication of integers, as well as real numbers in general.There are some other operations which mathematicians call "multiplication" which are NOT communitative; for example, the multiplication of matrices, or the cross-product of vectors.

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Probably, but the word you're looking for is "commutative." It's that too.

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What is the definition of communicative drill?

communicative drill

How do I use the word communicative in a sentence?

i am communicative

Which property is illustrated in the example 29 x 15 15 x 29?

Because the products on each side of the multiplication side are being reversed, 29 x 15 = 15 x 29 demonstrates the communicative property of multiplication

What are the properties of addition and multiplication?

The properties of addition are: * communicative: a + b = b + a * associative: a + b + c = (a + b) + c = a + (b + c) * additive identity: a + 0 = a * additive inverse: a + -a = 0 The properties of multiplication: * communicative: a × b = b × a * associative: a × b × c = (a × b) × c = a × (b × c) * distributive: a × (b + c) = a × b + a × c * multiplicative identity: a × 1 = a * multiplicative inverse: a × a^-1 = 1

What is the importance of communicative competency?

communicative competence in English is must to get jobs in the glodal arena

If you know that 7 times 8 equals 56how can you use communicative property of multiplication to find the product of 8 times 7?

You could use it because it shows that its just 7 times 8 flipped!

Is communicative a noun an adjective or an adverb?

The word communicative is an adjective. It is related to the verb communicate and the noun communication.

What are communicative strengths and weaknesses?

Communicative strengths and weaknesses refers to how well or how poorly you communicate. Perhaps you are an excellent speaker but a poor writer; speaking would be your communicative strength while writing would be a weakness.

Is the width of a shape the bigger side?

Not necessarily. Consider this diagram I drew up: Since when calculating the area of an object, the formula is simple multiplication (a=b•h), the communicative property of multiplication states that whether you have b•h or a•h, the end value will be the same, so it does not matter which side is considered the width.

What is the example of communicative grammar?


What is the verb for the adjective communicative?


What is communicative output?

Output refers to the productive skills of speaking or writing. In communicative output activities, the important thing is - did the learner get the message across/communicate the correct information?Accuracy is not the main focus of communicative activities, unless the lack of it interferes with the message.

What is another word for non communicative?


What are the uses of communicative English?

It is used for communication.

What are two antonyms for taciturn?

communicative, talkative

What part of speech is job requirement?


What are communicative functions?

Communicative functions are the purpose of communication. The functions define what you hope to accomplish through communication, and the varying types of communication used to accomplish that.

What are the strengths of communicative approach?

Strengths of communicative approach is the class becomes involved. The points discussed in the class goes into the memory of the student more by examples and questions.

What has the author Sanford E Gerber written?

Sanford E. Gerber has written: 'Etiology and prevention of communicative disorders' -- subject(s): Communication Disorders, Communicative disorders in children, Etiology, In infancy & childhood, Early Intervention (Education), Communicative disorders, Prevention & control, Prevention

What is the opposite or antonym of impassive?

Emotional, communicative, passive.

Closest antonym for the word infectious?


What is the opposite of secretive?

Extroverted; 'an open book;' communicative.

What is difference between traditional teaching and communicative teaching?

=well its all about the trend girl traditional teaching is when you copevac the tranmids and communicative is very lets say frackvillieish.=

What are the examples of practice grammatical competence and practice communicative competence?

You need to have both of these in order to be successful. You can practice grammar by writing out essays. With communicative you can practice giving speeches.

What is the scope of BA communicative English?

I don't hear about BA Communicative English. I hear about BA in English, Hindi, economics etc.. Please tell me too about this if you get the better answer..