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Q: Is Ninty or ninety
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Which is correct ninety or ninty?

correct spelling: Ninety

How do you spell ninty one?


How spell ninty six?

Ninety-Six or 96

Is ninty correct spelling?

90 is spelled ninety.

How do you spell ninty?

The number 90 is spelled ninety.

What is the number after nine hundred ninty-nine trillion nine hundred ninty nine billion nine hundred ninty nine thousand nine million and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninty nine?

The next named number on the short scale (US) is 1 quadrillion. (1 x 1015)

How long does it take to drive ninety miles?

one hour if you are going ninty miles per hour

How do you spell 90 cents?

The currency amount ($0.90) is ninety cents.

What is the Kikuyu word for the English word ninty?

Mirongo kenda is the Kikuyu word for the English word ninety.

How do you write 8.97 in word form?

Eight hundred and ninety seven

What is one thirds of ninty?

One third of ninety is equal to 90/3 which equals 30.

How do you write 309099990 in word form?

Three hundred nine million, ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety.

What is one fourth of ninty six?

24 one fourth of ninety six is the same as 1/4*96/1 which becomes 96/4 which equals 24

How do you write thirteen lakhs ninty one thousand and ninty seven?

It is 13,91,097

What is 94.3 number?

ninty four and three tenths or ninty four point three

How do I write this number in word form 999999999999999000000000000000000000000000000?

nine-hundred and ninty-nine quattuordecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine tredecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine duodecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine undecillion, nine-hundred and ninty-nine decillion thats back fired didnt it yes i know my numbers =P

What ninty five plus ninty five?

95 + 95 = 190

How do you write 199999?

one hundred ninty nine thousand nine hundred ninty nine..... is that what you mean by write?

What is 456698?

Four hundred fifty-six thousand, six hundred ninety-eight.

What is the age of carolle drake?


What is two thirds of ninty?


a number decreased by ninty two?

[object Object]

How do you write ninty hundredths as a decimal?


Which animal lives about ninty years?


How do you write ninty thousand numeric?

It is: 90,000

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