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Yes. 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) = 12 multiplied by 100 or twelve one hundreds. Instead of saying, "one thousand two hundred" people have shortened it by saying, "twelve hundred."

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Q: Is One thousand two hundred the same as twelve hundred?
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How do you write twelve thousand twelve hundred and twelve?

The number makes no sense since twelve hundred is one thousand two hundred, and twelve thousand is one ten thousand and 2 thousands. You can't have 2 numbers occupying the same space in a number which 1 and 2 do in the thousand digit. However, one could propose that you add the two together giving 13,212

One thousand two hundred?

Twelve hundred, or one thousand, two hundred.

How do you write twelve hundred in numerals?

1200 = twelve hundred or one thousand and two hundred

How do you write one thousand twelve hundred?

You cannot have such a number as one thousand twelve hundred, as these two components would interfere with place values. One thousand would be written 1000, while twelve hundred would be written 1200.

What is another way to write twelve hundred twelve in words?

One thousand, two hundred twelve.

If nine thousand nine hundred n nine is written as 9909 then how twelve thousand twelve hundred n twelve is written?

13212, nice one!

How do you write sixteen hundred and twelve?

1,612one thousand six hundred and twelve

What is the decimal of Nine and four thousand one hundred twelve ten-thousandths?

The decimal of nine and four thousand one hundred twelve ten-thousandths is 9.4112.

What is One hundred thousand of a inch?

one twelve hundred thousandth of a foot

What is 2112912000 in words?

Two billion, one hundred twelve million, nine hundred twelve thousand.

How do you spell114612?

One hundred fourteen thousand, six hundred twelve.

What is 112500 in words?

One hundred twelve thousand, five hundred.

What is the sum of twelve thousand five hundred and ten thousand six hundred ten?

The sum is twenty three thousand,one hundred and ten

How do you say 121212?

one hundred twenty-one thousand two hundred twelve

How do you write 312819 in words?

Three hundred twelve thousand, eight hundred nineteen

How do you write six hundred million twelve thousand one hundred?


How do you write one hundred twelve thousand and two hundred?

112,200 or 112200

How do you say 1200 in words?

One thousand two hundred or twelve hundred.

1250 in words?

Either "one thousand two hundred and fifty" or "twelve hundred and fifty"

How do you write twelve hundred thousand two hundred three in standard form?

One million, two hundred thousand, two hundred three.

What is fifteen percent of eight thousand?

Is that a grammar question? Answer = twelve hundred (one thousand two hundred) (1200). Ten percent of eight thousand is eight hundred. Add half of that (four hundred) to get twelve hundred. Or multiply: .15 x 8000.

Write one billion two hundred thousand six hundred eighty one thousand four hundred twelve in standard form?

1 200 681 412But it'sone billion two hundred million six hundred eighty one thousand four hundred twelve

How do you write 1612.12 into words?

One thousand, six hundred twelve and twelve hundredths.

How do you spell 12121?

twelve thousand one hundred and twenty one

How do you write 12161?

Twelve thousand, one hundred sixty-one.