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Would would depend upon the make and model of the processor, as well as how adequate your cooling system is.

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Q: Is Overclocking from 2.2ghz to 3.2ghz dangerous?
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Is it possible to overclock an Xbox 360?

Overclocking an XBOX 360 is illegal and pontentially dangerous.

What is it called when running a motherboard or processor at a higher speed than that suggested?

It could overheat or have process errors

When Running a processor at a speed higher than its rated clock speed is?

It's called "overclocking".

How can you increase your ghz?

To increase the clock speed of your CPU, you need to either look into overclocking (which is dangerous) or buying a new processor (which will cost anywhere from $40 to over $1000).

What are the disadvantages of overclocking?

Overclocking can permanently damage your systems hardware if you overclock to much. It is normally the heat that kills your computer in a nutshell. Overclocking should only be done after doing your research.

What is associated with overclocking?

Computer chips

Is there a way to increase your processor?

The only way to increase the processor speed is by overclocking. Through overclocking, you can increase the overall speed of the processor.

Where can you find information on Overclocking?

Information on overclocking can be found on Webopedia, Lifehacker, Wikihow, and Yahoo! Voices. Many other websites also contain information on what overclocking is, how to overclock a PC, etc, or one could find information on the subject in some libraries.

How do you overclock geforce 8500GT?

You need an overclocking program to overclock your video card. I use RivaTuner for my 8800GTS and I haven't had any problems. Remember that overclocking will ruin your warranty.

What might be used to increase the speed of an existing CPU?


Which permanently damages a computer component?

overheating, overclocking too much

How do you reduce overclocking?

The only way i know is check the BIOS settings.