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โˆ™ 2022-03-12 22:36:29
no and don't go with OMG BUT SANS CAN KILL ANYONE HE SO STRONG UWUWUNESS first frisk can only attack once while other monsters can attack more times so asgore can surely kill sans VERY fast and so undyne and papyrus
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Q: Is Sans the strongest Undertale character?
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Who is Sans the Skeleton?

A Chill character from Undertale...AKA the best game in History...

Is Sans from undertale real?

If you think hard enough, sans Undertale might just be real and you can meet him and kill him

Who is your favorite character in Undertale?

Gaster, sans, Asriel Dreemurr (The pacifist boss), Grillby

How old is Sans?

Undertale first released on Sept. 15, 2015, so Sans would be about five years old.

What is the most liked undertale character?

most people like either sans or toriel the most

Who is sans from undertale?

Sans is a character from undertale created by Toby fox and he likes puns ketchup his bro and pasifist timelines he is a skeleton and Needless to say made of bones his brothers name Is papyrus and Sans is very powerful but only uses a lot of his power in his genocide boss fight

In Undertale how hard is the Sans battle?

Almost impossible. Even when you learn his attack pattern, he will keep dodging it!

Who is frisk in undertale?

Frisk is the name of the character you play. The name you are asked to enter at the beginning ('The Fallen Human') is actually the name for an important character in the game's background.

Who was the strongest character in the musical Annie and why?

the strongest charaecter is grace

Who is the strongest in ssbb?

There really is no strongest character. It depends on how you fight.

Who is strongest Lego Star Wars character?

there is no strongest character in star wars but there are some powerful ones.

What is the Strongest Marvel hero or DC is Hero?

Beyonder Is the strongest marvel character

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