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Two words.

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Q: Is Teabag 1 word or 2?
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Is teabag 1 or 2 words?

Two words.

How to make a flying teabag?

A Flying Teabag (apart from its more obscene meaning) can be made by following these steps: 1. Get a teabag 2. Remove the metal clip and empty its contents 3. Form it into the shape of a cylinder 4. Place it upright on a flat surface 5. Burn it from the top. After a while, the burning teabag will start to rise as it is less dense than air.

What is a teabag in modern warfare 2?

In MW2 a teabag is when you go over a body and continuously press the crouch buttton

What are the release dates for Tony and Cal - 2010 The Teabag Express 1-1?

Tony and Cal - 2010 The Teabag Express 1-1 was released on: USA: 26 January 2010

Is teabag a curse word?

Might be.... if t-bag like humping

What is the compound word of tea?


What are the release dates for Tattoo Nightmares - 2012 Teabag Tattoo 1-5?

Tattoo Nightmares - 2012 Teabag Tattoo 1-5 was released on: USA: 13 November 2012

How many does one teabag weight?

one teabag weight 5grams.

What is the mass of a small teabag?

it really depends on the brand of teabag you use therefore you have to record the brand of the teabag you used to weigh so there's no answer for this question!

Why do people yell teabag when they kill people on halo 1 or 2 or 3?

because they have just killed some one and they are vurtually crouthching up and down on your head. lol

How to prepare tea?

Teabag-Boiling Water-Remove Teabag-Milk-Sugar If wanted

Why is Dougie from McFLY known as teabag?

It's Tom who is refereed to as 'Teabag', though I am not entirely sure why. Sorry.

What does teabag mean in relation to homosexuality?

The term "teabag" is not specifically linked to homosexuality. It is a sexual practice whereby a man "dips" his testicles into his partner's mouth, like a teabag. The partner may be male or female.

What does a teabag separate?

A teabag separates the tea leaves from the water, keeping the leaves from getting into the water. Tea leaves have a strong flavor that can be off-putting when ingested, and a teabag prevents the accidental ingestion of tea leaves.

Is bathroom 1 word or 2?

1 word

What is the tibag?

A teabag from Thailand

How to type 1 over 2 in Microsoft word?


Is the word a lot 1 word or 2?

2 words.

Why is a teabag used when making tea instead of just adding the flavoring directly?

A teabag holds the ground tea leaves. It's more advantagious to use a teabag than loose leaves as it is quite difficult to fish out all the tiny leaf particles as you drink.

Why does the water turn brown when a tea bag is added?

There are certain colourant added to the teabag, when the teabag hits water, the colurants discintergrate into the water :D

What is a bad invention?

A waterproof teabag.

What is a teabag made out of?

Thin paper.

Is every thing everything 1 word or 2?

i believe it is one word when i use it it is 1 word it is everything... 1 word.

Should you dunk a tea bag?

Only dunk the teabag if you like your tea weak. Otherwise it's better just to leave the teabag in the cup or teapot.

Is Super Bowl 1 word or 2?

it's 1 word.