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300 cm / 100 cm/meter = 3 meters 3 meters is longer than 1 meter; so the sofa is longer than a meter.

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Q: Is a 300 cm long sofa longer or shorter than a meter?
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Is a 300 cm long sofa shorter than a meter?

No ! 300 centimetres = 3 metres !

Sofa Table how long and high should a sofa table be?

It depends on how high and long you want it. Generally the sofa table is behind the sofa near the top of the sofa. However, if you don't want too much showing over the sofa you would want one lower towards the middle of the sofa.

How many feet long is a standard sofa?

A standard sofa is about 7.5 or 8 feet long.

What is a sofa cover?

It is a specially made item to cover and or protect a sofa or chair to ensure longer life is given to the item that is covered.

Can a sofa table be as long as the sofa?

yeah it can be what ever size you want but it looks good either way

What exactly is a flexsteel sofa and how is it different from a typical sofa?

A flexsteel sofa has a stronger sprung base than most sofas, made to last much longer without the springs becoming soft and unsupportive. The flexible nature of the steel means that the sofa is still comfortable. Conventional sofa springs weaken under the movement of the sitter.

What Unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the length of a sofa?

i would use a meter stick

What is difference between a chair and a sofa?

It is a up right stool with a rest at the back where as a sofa is a cushiony Long thing

What words do these letters spell lamtosf?

The anagram is "flotsam."Other long words are floats and almost.Shorter words include : soft, mast, last, fast, mat, sat, fat, malt, sofa, loft

Why is a sofa called a sofa?

because its a sofa is stuffed with sofa

What are the dimensions of a Queen Sofa Bed?

There are lot of variations but a standard queen sofa bed will measure approx 84 inches wide and 90 inches long. From here you can buy queen sofa beds.

When was the first sofa made?

The first sofa was invented by Jay Wellingdon Couch in 1895. Its first name was "The Longer than a Chair". It was created to serve two purposes, as a sleeping and sitting place.

Where do you go to get the Autumn Eve Sofa in pixie hollow?

It was in the old secret codes but is sadly no longer available.

How long is a sofa?

The length of a sofa varies. Some company make them (in inches) in the 70's, some in 80's and 90's. There are also sometimes sofas that are over 100 inches long.

What country does the word sofa come from?

The word sofa can be traced back to Europe. However, the origin of the word itself is Arabic and means a long upholstered seat.

How do you spell sofa in french?

a sofa is spelled "canapé" or "sofa" in French

What is sofa in Spanish?

sofa or sillon

Which country does the word sofa come from?

Arabic ṣuffa meaning "long bench"

How far should a sofa be from a coffee table?

As long as your family can walk through it.

Trys to claw the cushions up on the sofa and makes circles on the sofa?

I love sofa

Does sofa have a long or short vowel sound?

The O has a long O vowel sound and the A has a schwa (uh) sound.

How do you spell sofa in spanish?

el sofa

How do you say sofa in American?

sofa :L

What is a simile for sofa?

The sofa was as hard as a rock.

What is the length of a sofa in meters?

depends on the sofa. :-)