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Yea kinda Im a junior in High school I play Center and I run a 5 flat

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Q: Is a 5 flat 40 yard dash horrible for a freshman QB?
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What is Reggie Bush's forty yard dash time?

4.2 flat

What was Ernie Davis 40 yard dash?

4.0 seconds in the 40 yard dash. he was able to run the full 100 yards in 10 seconds flat

What American football position should play if im 5'3 122 pounds and run 5.22 in 40 yard dash?

Well i would say Running an 80 yard dash can u run a 10 Flat?

Why do they call the 40 yard dash the 40 yard dash?

Because they dash for 40 yards.

You are in 8th grade and you want to play freshman football you are 5 ft 5 and 120 lbs and ran 40 yard dash in 4.9 sec What would be the best position for you?

4.9 is decent for a freshman so i'd say maybe running back, receiver, or cornerback.

How fast should a high school runningback be?

They'd have to be really fast. I know a runningback (high school) that can run a fourty yard dash in 4.40 seconds as a freshman. That's really fast

Will you get a scholarship if you start varsity football as a freshman?

I'm sorry I don't know, but I will tell u my son played as a freshman, and the coach is having schools look at him. I think there is a good chance. My son got a 4.5 on the 40 yard dash. So I think speed is the biggest element.

What was Justin Tuck in the 40 yard dash?

He ran a 4.4 40 yard dash

What is Jesse Owens 40 yard dash?

He ran the forty yard dash in 2.2 seconds.

How fast does Mike Sellers run the 40 yard dash?

how fast does mike sellers run the 40 yard dash how fast does mike sellers run the 40 yard dash

How do you convert a 10 yard dash to a 40 yard dash?

40 yard dash/10 yard dash= 4 What ever the time you got for the ten yard, you multiple it by 4. It could be an average of your running time per 10 yard dash. Sometimes for several runners, they would feel worn out by the time when reaching the 40 yard mark.

Is 8.9 long for 40 yard dash?

Yes. I ran 4.2 on 40 yard dash and I am 11.