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Yes a L=1000ml (a L is 1000 bigger than a ml!)

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Q: Is a L bigger than a milliliter?
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Is ml bigger than a l?

No, l milliliter is not bigger than 1 liter. It takes 1000 ml to equal L.

Is 4 l 4 milliliter or is 4 milliliter bigger than 4 l?

If you mean l as L (liters) then l is much bigger than mL (milliliter). The prefix milli means 1000 (not 1 million). So 1 L=1000 mL. So 4 L=4000 mL and 4 mL=.004L

Which is bigger 6.2 L or 620 milliliter?

6.2 L is bigger than 620 mL.6.2 L = 6200 mL > 620 mL

Are milliliter or L bigger?

There are 1000 mL in one L so a L is bigger.

Is a L bigger than milliliter?

Yes. Litres (L) are a larger measurement than millilitres (mL) 1 L = 1000 mL

Is an ounce bigger than a milliliter?

yes an ounce is bigger than a milliliter.

Which is bigger 10 L or 1000 milliliter?

10 L is bigger than 1000 mL10 L = 10 000 mL > 1000 mL

What is bigger 0.3 milliliter or 0.005 L?

1 L = 1000 ml so 0.005 L = 5 mL which is much bigger than 0.3 mL.

Is quart bigger than milliliter?

whats bigger a quart or a milliliter

What is bigger a milliliter or a l?

A litre (L) is 1000 times larger than a millilitre (mL). 1 L = 1000 mL

What is bigger a liter or militers?

A liter is a larger volume than a milliliter. 1000 mL = 1.0 L

Which is bigger 1000 milliliter or 2 l?

2 L = 2000 ml

Is milliliter bigger than liter?


What is biggeR liters or milliliter?

A liter is 1,000 times larger than a milliliter (mL).

Is a liter bigger or smaller than a milliliter?

This answer is a litter is bigger than a millileter.

Is L or mL bigger?

A liter(L) is bigger. One liter(L) is equivalent to 1,000 milliliter(mL).

Is a centiliter bigger than a milliliter?

Yes it is.

Is a milliliter bigger than a foot?

Foot is distance. milliliter is volume. They don't compare. Might as well ask if a pint is bigger than a yard.

Milliliter bigger than a fluid ounce?

a fl oz is bigger

Is an ounce larger than a milliliter?

Yes, the fluid ounce is 29.57 times bigger than the milliliter.

Which is bigger a milliliter or 1 fluid ounce?

One fluid ounce is about 30 times bigger than 1 milliliter.

Is 15 milliliter bigger then 17 milliliter?

If you think 15 is a bigger number than 17 then your math is in big trouble.

Is deciliters bigger than milliliters?

Yes, a deciliter is 100 times bigger than a milliliter.

What is bigger 1 milliliter or 1 fluid ounce?

1 fluid ounce is about 30 times bigger than 1 milliliter.

Is a milliliter bigger than a pint?

no it is not, while reading a STUDYISLAND lesson it says that a milliliter is smaller than a cup.