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Celsius. (C) = (5/9)(F-32) where C equals degrees of Celsius and F equals degrees of Fahrenheit.

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Q: Is a change of one degree higher in Celsius or Fahrenheit?
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Which is hotter 100 celsius or 100 Fahrenheit?

100 degrees Celsius is higher

What temperature is cooler 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees celsius?

40 degrees fahrenheit 40 degrees celsius is way higher then it is fahrenheit.

Is 83 Fahrenheit higher than 30 Celsius?

No. 83 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to a temperature of 28.33 degrees Celsius.

Which is higher 102.2 fahrenheit or 39.0 celsius?

They are equal.

Why -40 degrees Fahrenheit equals -40 celsius?


0.6 degree Celsius in Fahrenheit?

If you're talking about something being 0.6c cold, it's 33.08f If you're talking about 0.6c as in '0.6 degrees higher than x', it's 1.1f

Why is Fahrenheit warmer than Celsius?

Fahrenheit isn't warmer or colder than Celsius. Both are simply different ways of measuring temperature. In Celsius, one degree is larger than one degree Fahrenheit. In Celsius, water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees; in Fahrenheit, water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Confusion may arise because the value in Fahrenheit may be higher numerically than Celsius, even though it's the same temperature; the letter C or F is suffixed to avoid confusion. For example, room temperature in Celsius is about 24 degrees C; that same temperature measured in Fahrenheit is about 75 F.

What is hotter 100 Celsius or 200 Fahrenheit?

100 Celsius = 212 Fahrenheit. 212 F is a higher temperature than 200 F.

What is the Fahrenheit degree for 37.8 Celsius for a baby thermometer?

100 degrees F is 37.8 C. Anything 100 and higher is considered a fever in infants and children.

Can celsius sometimes be larger than Fahrenheit?

Any time the Fahrenheit temperature is below (minus 40), the Celsius number for the same temperature is higher.

Is the number higher in f colder?

No, the higher the degree in Fahrenheit the hotter.

Why there is no difference between Fahrenheit and centigrade when temperature is minus figure?

The starting point is that 0 Celsius equals 32 Fahrenheit. One degree Celsius is of higher value than one degree Fahrenheit. So, going less than zero on centigrade, the rate of decrease on Celsius is less than the rate of dgress of Fahrenheit until it comes the point of -40 degrees Celsius when both scales match together.Mathematically,F = C x 9/5 +32Where F is degrees Fahrenheit and C degrees CelsiusAccordingly,-40 degrees Celsius = 32 - 40 x 9/5 = -40 degrees Fahrenheit