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A circle is 2dimensional while a sphere is 3 dimensional.

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Q: Is a circle a two dimensoinal figure?
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Related questions

What to words describe a two dimensoinal figure?

I think your looking for width and length.

Why circle is not a 3 dimentional figure?

A circle is not a 3D figure because it only has two dimensions. A sphere is a 3D "circle".

What is a good sentence for circle?

A circle is a two-dimensional figure.

What is the volumn of a circle?

A circle is a two dimensional plane figure and does not have a volume.

How do you figure out the radius of a circle?

You can divide the diameter by two.

What does a semi circle measure?

It does not measure anything. It is a two dimentional figure equivelent to half of a circle.

Why is a circle the odd one out between a circle a cylinder and cone?

A circle is a two-dimensional figure, where the cylinder and cone are three-dimensional.

What is the definition of two dimensional?

A figure that has length and width but not height (ie, a plane figure such as rectangle or circle)

What is a cylinder in geometry?

A 3D figure with two circle bases, and a rectangle.

What is space figure with two bases and one curved surface?


Is the circle a two dimensional figure?

Yes, the circle is a 2D object. All of its points only have X and Y coordinates.

A polyhedron is a two-dimensional figure bounded by polygons?

A polyhedron is a three-dimensional figure formed by flat surfaces that are bounded by polygons joining along their sides (the faces of the polyhedron).A circle is not a polygon, but we can say that a circle is the limit of a regular polygon with n sides. It means that if n becomes larger and larger, the polygon shape approaches to a circle. A circle is a two dimensional figure as a polygon is, but a three dimensional figure whose base(s) is/are a circle cannot be called a polyhedron.

Is a circle a solid figure?

A circle is a plane figure. A 'circular' solid figure would be a sphere.

How do you figure out the scale factor of a circle?

how do you find the scale factor of two circles

How do yo figure out the circumference of a circle?

First, you do the radius of a circle times two. Then you multiply that times PI, which is 3.14.

Is a circle a two dimensional figure?

Yes, as it has length and width, which just happen to be equal.

Why is the circle a two dimensional figure?

A circle is two dimensional because the two dimensions are width and length. 3 dimensional would be width, length and depth but since you can just write it on paper, it has no depth.

Is a sphere a perfect circle?

no, it is sphere is not a perfect circle. because sphere is 3dimensional figure and circle is 2 dimensional figure

What figure is Two Dimensional but yet not a polygon?

A circle is one example of a plane figure that is not a polygon. A V is also not a polygon.

How to calculate the Volume of semi circle?

A semi-circle is a two dimensional figure so it can have area but NOT volume. To find the area of a semi-circle see the question below.

What two dimensional figure is the base of a cone?

A circle could be, and I think that an ellipse also could be.

How many times can you fold a circle?

A circle is a plane figure of two dimensions and therefore cannot be folded as this would need to be done through a third dimension.

Is a circle closed figure or open figure?

closed figure

What is the difference between a circle and a square?

the differrence with circlce and square is that square has a 6faces if in space figure but in plane figure it only has 1 faces and a circle has a two kinds the first is cylinder and the second sphere this is a example of a geometry

How does a congruent figure look like?

A congruent figure is identical to another figure. Example would be like a circle with the radius of 12 meters, then the congruent figure would have to be a circle with a 12 meter radius.