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Q: Is a circle and a quadrilateral made up of the same number of degrees?
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Why do angles in a quadrilateral triangle add up to 360?

Because there are 180 degrees in a triangle and a 4 sided quadrilateral is made from two triangles so therefore 2*180 = 360 degrees

How do you determine other angles in quadrilateral made up of 4 triangles?

By looking at what degrees it goes to, like if its a right angle the degrees is 90 degrees.

A circle is made up of how many degrees?


Is a quadrilateral made up of 2 rectangles?

A quadrilateral (a 2-D figure made up of four sides) can be made up of any number of smaller shapes, including rectangles. In fact, a rectangle IS a quadrilateral.

What do you call a circle made of 9 angles having 40 each?

A complete circle of 360 degrees

Why is a full rotation called 360 degrees?

a circle is made up of angular measure, commonly called degrees. Also may be radians or grads. But 360 degrees constitutes a full circle

What is a quadrilateral made up of?

A quadrilateral is made of four straight sides.

Devon made a table top in the shape of a quadrilateral All of its angles measure 90 degrees What could the shape of Devon's table top be?

A Rectangle

What is the maximum latitude of the circle of illumination on any of the solstices?

The circle of illumination always includes 180 degrees of latitude (and 180 degrees of longitude). Considering latitude . . . whatever amount of latitude falls outside of the circle because of the Earth's so-called "tilt" is made up for by the circle extending the same number of degrees past the pole on the other end. Examples: -- Equinoxes: Illumination from 90 degrees south to 90 degrees north latitude. Total = 180 degrees of latitude. -- June solstice: from 66.5 degrees south, over the north pole, past 90 degrees north, and back down the other side to 66.5 degrees north. Total = 180 degrees of latitude. -- December solstice: fropm 66.5 degrees north, under the south pole, past 90- degrees south, and back up the other side to 66.5 degrees south. Total = 180 degrees of latitudfe.

What angle is made by the hands of the clock at four o'clock?

120 degrees is the angle made by the hands of a clock at 4 o clock. To get this answer, you could divide the clock into equal parts (12), and find the ratio of the time in terms of parts to the total number of parts of the clock (which would be 4/12 in this case). Then, you cross multiply the ratio you got, to the ratio of the unknown degrees to the total number of degrees in a circle (x/360). (4 * 360 = 12x). The answer should be 120 degrees.

Can a quadrilateral be made with 3 acute angles and 1 right angle?

Not possible... The internal angles of a quadrilateral always total 360. If you MUST have an angle of 90 degrees - the remaining angles must total 270. At least one of the remaining angles will always be obtuse.

How many lines in circle?

it is made out of so many lines it looks like there curvedYes it is. It is made out of 1 line that curves.