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no it's not a cone is a pyramid and has one base but a prism has two bases and is not a cone

Actually, a cone is just a cone, like an ice cream cone. a prism is like a shape strechted out like a pipe. A cylindrical prism would be a pipe with closed ends.

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It is not a prism, and there is no such thing as a prisam.

a prism is a prism if it can be cut into even cross sections. that is, if you sliced it in half, both faces would look the same. so, a cube is a prism but not a cone.

the difference between a cone and a prism is that a cone has no edges and only one vertex and a prism has both edges and vertexes.

A cone has a circle for a base and a triangular prism has a triangle for a base

No. A prism has congruent bases (top and bottom). A cone has a base and a point on top.

A prism is an elongated 2D shape, while a cone is elongated, just shrinking as it gets to the tip. A cone has a curved surface, while a prism is composed of flat surfaces.

A cone has a curved surface and only has one base (the bottom). A prism however, has two bases (the top and bottom) and has only polygonal faces. A cone also has an apex which a prism doesn't.

The volume of the pyramid and cone is one third the volume of the corresponding (ie same [size] base and height) prism and cylinder.

It is not possible to draw a cone cylinder and triangular prism in this platform.

You do the same thing but divide 3 by whatever anwser you get on the cone

ummm.., I....... A cube, a cuboid, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a prism. Is it okay if I give you 12? Here you go: * Cube * Cone * Pyramid * Rectangular Prism * Pyramid * Cylinder * Sphere * Hexagonal Prism * Triangular Prism * Frustum of a Cone * Frustum of a Pyramid * Oval * Tube/Pipe A cube, a cuboid, a pyramid, a cone, a sphere, a cylinder and a prism.

By definition, the circular cross-section of a cone changes linearly in width as you go along its axis. By definition, the cross-section of a prism is constant along its axis. So, by definition, a cone prism is an impossible shape.

Cones have a circular base and a triangle prism has a triangular base

There is no such thing as a circle prism. The closest thing to a circle prism would be a cylinder.

There is no such things a combined cone prism. A cone has a polygonal shapes base with all ofthe points on the edge of the polygon rising up a certain height to one point from the center of the base polygon. A prism is two polygonal bases. These bases are connected on the edges and have a certain height.

i have no idea i need to know the same thing

cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, square pyramid and triangular prism

no becuase it dont have the same base u will need to do some thing with it

Sides and faces are the same thing. A hexagonal prism has 8 faces and 12 vertices.

2: the cone, and the bottom surface.

They are both 3 dimensional objects

Yes. A face is a flat surface of a cube, prism, etc. A base is the same.

There can be a heptagonal prism or an octagonal prism, but there is no such thing as a hectagonal prism.

the different spatial figures are: cone,prism,cylinder,rectangular prism,pyramid,cube,sphere