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definitely not. Dependant variable is a variable that you measure . A controlled variable is something that you keep the same in the experiment.

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Q: Is a continuous variable the same as a dependent variable?
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Is the dependent variable discrete or continuous?

It can be either.

In a criterion variable the same as a dependent variable?

Yes, criterion variable is the same as a dependent variable.

What it the difference between a categoric dependent variable and a continuous dependent variable?

A dependent variable that can take on an infinite or at least very large number of values, such as rate of return. In statistical analysis, a dependent variable that is grouped into two or more categories such as solvency/insolvency.

What is meant by the dependent variable?

the dependent variable are the things that stay the same

Is manipulated variable and dependent variable same?

No, a manipulated variable (also known as independent variable) is deliberately changed in an experiment to see its effect on the dependent variable. The dependent variable is what is being measured or observed in response to changes in the manipulated variable. They are not the same but are related in an experiment.

A statement of a possible relationship between the independent and dependent variables?

A dependent variable is a variable dependent on the independent variable. A control variable is something you want to try to keep the same. A dependent variable is something you measure. An independent variable is something you change.

Is responding variable the same thing as dependent variable?

yes it is

Is a responding variable the same as a dependent variable?

yes it is... the responding variable responds to the independent variable....

What is the experimental variable and what is the dependent variable?

the experimental variable is like the independent variable, which is the only thing you can change in a science experiment, and the dependent variables are the things that stay the same.

What kind of variable is part of the experiment that is affected by the independent variable?

Dependent Variable the independent variable is the one you change to get the dependent variable. The control group is the thing that you leave the same throughout your experiment. Hint: You don't want too many independent variables, it will mess up the experiment.

What is the same about an independent and dependent variable?

their the exact same thingg

What variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the affected variable?

i have the same thng the answer is dependent