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It is a 3-Dimensional shape.

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Q: Is a cube a 2dimensional shape?
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Related questions

What is the difference between 2Dimensional and 3Dimensional?

2dimensional is flat. like a painting.or a piece of paper no depth. 3demensional is like earth, depth distance ll that stuff like a 3d game or a cube

What shape has 6 faces and the sides are not the same length?

Any shape other than a cube.Any shape other than a cube.Any shape other than a cube.Any shape other than a cube.

What is the shape of a base of a cube?

The shape of the base of a cube would be a square.

What shape is the face on a cube?

All faces on a cube are equal to each other the shape is of the face on a cube is a square

What objects are cube in shape?

A ball, yea, thats totally in a cube shape.

Does the shape of an ice cube effect its melting rate?

Yes the shape of an ice cube affect its melting rate.Yes the shape of an ice cube affect its melting rate.

What makes a cube a cube?

Its shape

What is a shape that has 4 letters?

cube :)

How many shape of faces are there in a cube?

The faces of a cube are all the same shape - a square.

What is a cube in a 2D shape?

A cube is a 3 dimensional shape but it can be represented by a 2D net

What can a cube be called?

A cube can be called a cube or a 3 dimensional shape.

What shape is a Rubik's Cube?

uhh, a cube

What is the shape of the Kaaba?

The Kaaba is in the shape of a cube. This is because the word Kaaba means cube in Arabic

What shape is a cube is that right?

A cube is "cube" shaped like a square box.

Who invented cube shape?

The cube shape occurs naturally in nature (eg a crystal of Galena is cubic) thus the shape was not invented by anybody.

How many shape of faces on a cube?

Do you mean "how many faces are on the shape cube?" If you did, then the answer is 6.

Is a cube dimensional?

A cube is a 3 dimensional shape

What is the cube of 78.4x72.8x205?

A shape with measuring 78.4x72.8x205 is not a cube.

What mathematical shape is a die?

It is a cube.cube

Is a cube a polygon?

No, a cube is not a polygon. A polygon is a 2-dimensional figure, while a cube is a 3-dimensional shape. A three-dimensional shape is called a polyhedron.

What shape is an ice cube?

Usually a cube. Some ice makers shape their ice into crescent shapes, however.

If you trace this shape six times you make a cube what shape is it?

Square? a cube has 6 sides each are squares.

What shape is a cube?

A cube has 6 square-shaped faces

Which shape is easier to balance on a stick a cube or a sphere?


Which one is a 3d solid shape a tetrahedron or a cube?