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very small compared to a dime.

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Q: Is a dime larger or smaller than a penny?
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Is there a coin smaller than a penny?

a dime

Is a dime bigger than a penny?

The dime has a greater value in trade, and greater purchasing power, but the coin is physically smaller than the penny.

What is a penny smaller than a dime worth?

to represent different coins

What is smaller than a penny a nickel a dime a quarter or a half dollar?

A grain of sand is smaller than those things.

What has a greater mass a penny or a dime?

A penny weighs more than a dime. Current US Penny: 2.500 grams Current US Dime: 2.268 grams

Why is the penny and nickel bigger than the dime?

a nickel is not bigger than a penny its the same size

What is 1920 gold penny worth?

Pennies have never been made of gold. If they would they would be way smaller than dime. A 1920 penny would have been made of mostly copper.

Is 0.21 smaller or larger than 0.2?

0.21 is larger than 0.2

Why is the US dime smaller than the US penny?

Because of what the coins were made out of. In fact, the penny used to be much larger, about the size of a half dollar! Early British pennies were even larger, weighing an ounce and being larger than a silver dollar! But the dime until 1965 was minted in 90% silver and the penny up to 1982 was minted in copper. Because copper was quite a bit more common and less expensive than silver, a copper coin had to be larger to have about 1 cent's worth of copper in it. On the other hand, 10 cents worth of silver (or close to it) was rather tiny. Thus the penny was large and the dime was small. Since the penny is no longer even made out of copper (it is now copper plated zinc) and the dime stopped being made out of silver a long time ago, today it is more of a curiosity. It is also for this reason that the nickel is larger than a dime, because the first 5 cent pieces were known as half dimes and were the same size as half a dime and were minted in silver. However, in 1866, the US government decided to strike 5 cent pieces out of 75% copper and 25% nickel (the same alloy used today) and because copper and nickel were more common than silver, the coin was increased in size to compensate for that.

How is a dime different than nickel?

A dime is smaller than a nickel. A nickel is worth less than a dime. A dime has a ridged side, while a nickel is smooth and thicker.

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No. Viruses are smaller than cells. If a cell were the size of a basketball, then a virus would be about the size of a penny.

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A probability can be no larger than 1 and no smaller than 0.

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are asteroids smaller or larger than planets

How big is 0.31 on a ruler?

smaller than a dime

Is a dime that says 200 d and is smaller than aregular dime and has an edge like a penny worth anything?

Yes is is. At minimun 10 cents if it is genuine. Beyond that it all depends on what someone else is willing to pay for it. That is about the best I can do.

How many wheels does a penny farthings have?

Two wheels on a Penny Farthing: the front one is larger than the back one in proportions similar to the former currency items penny and farthing, which was only worth a quarter of a penny and was much smaller.

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Is 1.8 cm smaller than a penny?

Yes, a little bit smaller. A penny is 1.905 cm diameter

How much is a dime which is smaller than the regular dime worth Canadian?

It would depend on the year and condition.

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Larger land mass, smaller than a comtinent

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how do you calculate if 0.08 is larger or smaller than 0.18

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What does a circulated penny look like?

Well as we all know a penny is copper colored and is a little bigger than a dime.

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