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Q: Is a dollar bill with the serial number 88686888 a binary number?
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What is value of a low serial number dollar bill?

Depends on year and how low the serial number is.

Where can you check dollar serial number?


Could there be any US 100 dollar bill with repeated serial number?

Yes there are 100 dollar bill with repeated serial number it has a little star in the end of the number

What does the serial number on a dollar bill mean?

The serial number on a dollar bill and other currency refers to the note series, and the Federal Reserve bank that issued the note. The serial number is used to keep track of currency.

If a dollar is ripped but has 51 percent of the whole dollar and has the serial number is it considered one dollar?

The percentage of a partial bill really has little to do with its value. Any bill is worth its face value if it contains a complete serial number and any part of the other serial number.

What does BC26888873B mean on a 20 dollar bill?

This is the serial number. Each bill has a unique serial number that identifies it.

What is a 20 dollar star dollar with serial number 00447425 worth?

The value is more dependent on the year (series) of the bill. The serial number by itself isn't enough information.

Can you look up a specific two dollar bill?

You can look up a two dollar bill, but if you mean specific as in serial number, you are the only one that possesses that specific two dollar bill with that certain serial number.

What year is the Australian Two Dollar note serial number LKV made?

The Australian Two Dollar note was last printed in 1985. The serial number ranges for this printing was KRQ to LQG.

Why does a dollar bill have a serial number?

There are a few very good reasons why a dollar has a serial number on it. One reason is so that it can be tracked for accounting purposes. It also serves as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

Are star notes found in the beginning of the dollar serial number?


What is the value of twenty dollar bill serial number C00516535 A?