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A dozen is 12; a score is 20. Thus a score is more than a dozen.

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Q: Is a dozen more or less than a score?
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1 score = 20 1 dozen = 12 → ½ dozen = 6 20 - 6 = 14.

What is a dozen less than sixty half dozen?

- 72

What number less than 95 with the product of the digits equal to 3 more than 5 dozen?


How many dozen are 7.5 cupcakes?

There are 12 to a dozen. If you have 7.5 cupcakes, you have less than one dozen .625 of a dozen.

How many is one less than a score?

One less than a score is nineteen.

How much is a dozen not a bakers dozen?

A dozen is 12. A baker's dozen is typically 13, but it less standard than a regular dozen.

What does 'ten to the dozen' mean?

The correct phrase is "Ninteen to the Dozen" and is often misquoted as "Ten to the dozen" which of course makes no sense as 10 is less than a dozen.

What is a multiple of 10 less than 4 dozen?

10, 20, 30,40. 4 dozen is 48.

What is the difference between six dozen dozen and half a dozen dozen?

half a dozen is 6, so half a dozen dozen is 6 dozen, but the first thing, six dozen dozen has is 6x12x12or 6x144, so it is way more than 6x12.. In other words Six dozen dozen is 864 and half a dozen dozen is 72

What is 1 more than 15 dozen?

15 dozen is 180. So 15 dozen + 1 is 181.

How many mcdonald's are there in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles proper, less than a dozen. (About 10 listed in the county.) In the surrounding suburbs, there are more than 150.

Translate to an algebraic expression 23 more than d?

23 + d

What is 5 less than a score?


How much did a dozen eggs cost in 1895?

Much less than now...

What is a baker's half dozen?

A baker's half dozen is a group of seven items, the concept being that it is one more than a half dozen.

What is a z- score considered to be if it is less than negative two or greater than two?

The z score is -2 or +2!

Is a credit crunch related to my credit score?

A credit crunch is related to your credit score, because it means that banks are especially strict about who they will lend to. They are less likely than usual to extend credit to someone with a low credit score, so maintaining a high score is even more important than usual.

Which is correct a dozen apple or a dozen apples?

A dozen apples. The word dozen means twelve - which is more than one - so you use the plural form of apple.

What was the cost of the Dozen of eggs in 1941?

Rather than ask the cost, it is more meaningful to ask "Wow long did a person have to work to earn enough to buy a dozen eggs?".In the early 1940 the average pay was less than 50 cents an hour. Eggs were about 49 cents/dozen. his means you'd have to work an hour to buy a dozen eggs. In America in 2017 minimum wage is about 8$/hr and eggs about 3$/dozen. You have to work half an hour to buy a dozen eggs.

How many dozen are in a bushel?

Dozen is a count and bushel is a volume. The two measurements cannot be reconciled without a conversion factor. There are fewer than one dozen bowling balls in a bushel but, a lot more than a dozen golf balls in a bushel.

Is it true any score with value less than the population mean will have a negative z-score?

Yes. If a score is below the mean, the z score will be negative.

What is the meaning of a negative z score?

A negative z score is a value that is less than the mean value.

Which hen lays a dozen eggs per year?

Chickens lay much more than a dozen eggs a year.

Did the beatles ever meet royalty?

The Beatles met with royalty of no less than a dozen countries.

Is it better to file bankruptsy or be late on bills?

It is less detrimental to your credit score to be late on paying your bills (more than 30 days late) than it is to file bankruptcy.