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Q: Is a drop equal to ug?
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Is mm equal to ug?


What is ug from ug boots short for?

ug from ug boots is short from hug they are actually called hug boots because they're so cuddely and huggely but people started to drop the h so now they're well known as "ug boots"

Does 0.03 mg equal 30 ug?


Is ugg the same as ppm?

yes it absolutely is. 1g = 1,000,000 ug therefore it is! Further, ug/L is also the same as ppm because 1 L of water is equal to 1,000,000 ug of water.

What did cavemen say?

Ug Ug Ug Ug

How many grams are in 10 ug?

1ug=10^-6g Therefore 10ug would equal 0.00001g

What is ug?


What are the characteristics of mamles?

ug ug

What can you take away but it gets bigger?

buntis, makwaan ug lola ug lolo mapunan ug anak gikan sa anak sa lola ug lolo

What does 2.4 ug day mean?


How many ppm is equal to 10 microg per kg?

1 mg/kg = 1 ppm 1 mg = 1000 micrograms (ug) so 10 ug/kg = 0.01 mg/kg = 0.01 ppm

When did weather forecasting began?

Ug look at sky. Ug see rain. Ug say "it raining". That is the birth of weather forecasting.

Is ug a scrabble word?

No. Ug is not an allowable Scrabble word.

Is it true that When a drop of water breaks into two droplets of equal size the sum of the surface areas of the two droplets is equal to that of the original drop?


Is 1000 ug the same as 50 micrograms?

No. 1000 ug is an abbreviation for 1000 micrograms and is, therefore, not the same as 50 micrograms (50 ug).

Is 1000 ug the same as 1000mcg?

1000 mcg = 10 ug

Madras university Ug semister timetable?

When will start ug exam

What is the measurement abbreviation ug?

ug is a misspelling of µg, which stands for microgramme.

Is 0.5 mg equal 0.50 Ug?

No. mg means milligram - 1/1000 of a gram. ug means microgram - 1/1,000,000 of a gram. Actually the Greek letter "mu" (µ) should be used, but since it is sometimes difficult to type it, the letter "u" may be substituted.

The half-life of Mo-99 is 67 hours A 200 ug quantity decays over time to 25 ug How much time has elapsed?

200 ug > 100 ug > 50 ug > 25 ug. That's 3 half lifes. 3 half lives x 67 hours/ half life = 201 hours

How many drop of oil equal 1 gram?

1 drop = 1 gram

How much is 10 mg in ug?

10mg/1000 = 0.01 ug (microgram)

How do you convert 100 ug to mg?

You divide the number of micrograms (ug) by 1000.

What is the madras university UG time table for april2012?

for ug exam time

Is mcg the same as ug?

Yes ug is the same as mcg, both mean micrograms.