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Not really. There are three feet in a yard, and a yard is just a bit shorter than a meter. It is more correct to say that a yard is almost the same as a meter.

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Q: Is a foot almost the same as a meter?
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Related questions

How many square meters are in 11 foot?

square meters is an area, foot is just a length. if you meant 11 square feet on the other hand, the answer is almost 1 square meter. Because: 1 foot = 0.3048 meter 1 sq foot = 0.09290 sq meter 1 sq meter = 10.76 sq feet.

Which is longer a foot or a meter?

a meter is longer than a foot

How long is .3 meter in feet?

0.3 meters is almost exactly one foot.

One meter equals how many square feet?

A meter is a unit of length. A square foot is a unit of area. The two things are different. There are roughly 3.28 feet in one meter, but a foot is not the same as a square foot.

Is one super foot the same as one square meter?


What is to meter as quart is to liter?

In the same manner that a quart is almost a liter, a yard is almost a metre

Which is bigger meter or foot?

The meter is bigger. It takes a little over 3.28 feet to cover the same distance as one meter.

HOW MANY foot is in a meter?

3.281 foot is in a meter

Which imperial measure is almost the same as one meter?

The answer is a yard

20 feet is equivalent in how many linear meter?

There are 0.3408 meters in one foot, so there are 6.096 meters in 20 feet. A linear meter is the same thing as a meter.

1 meter how many foot?

1 Meter = 3.2808 Foot

Is 1 foot the same as 1 meter?

1 foot=0,3048 m The metre is the universal correct unit for distance.

Is a meter the same as feet?

No. Meter is a metric unit of length whereas a foot ( plural feet ) is an imperial unit of length that was developed by the British. 1 meter is approximately 3.28 feet.

How many meter's in a foot?

1 meter = 3.28084 feet 1 foot = 0.3048 meter

Which is longer a meter or a foot?

A meter.

Which is bigger a foot or meter?


What is longer a meter or a foot?

a meter

Which is longer meter or a foot?


Is a foot or a meter greater?

a meter!!

Which is greater a foot or a meter?


How far is 450 meter in feet?

One meter is defined as exactly 39.37 inches. Each foot has 12 inches. If we do the math, we have 450 meter * (39.37 inches/1 meter) * (1 foot/12 inches) . When we multiply the numerators with each other and do the same thing with the denominators and cancel the units that appear as both numerator and denominator, we end up with 17716.5 foot/12. Simplifying yields our answer of 1476.375 foot, (which, grammatically, should be "feet").

Is the urethra the same size in men and women?

No. There is almost a foot difference in length.

How many foot in square meter?

Feet and square meters are incompatible units - a foot or a meter is a unit of length, a square foot or a square meter are units of area. You can't convert them.

How many cubic foot in cubic meter?

1 cubic meter ≈ 35.3146667 cubic foot

Is a foot equal to a meter?

Nope. A meter is about 3 times longer than one foot.