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Yes - geometry is a branch of mathematics.

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Q: Is a geometry student a math student?
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Is a geometry student is a math student?


Is a math student a geometry student?

In most schools, geometry is being introduced in primary grades. It is taught in a separate class usually in high school.

What is geometry math?

Geometry in math is the study of shapes

What is the difference between geometry and math?

Geometry is a type of math. Math encompasses many types of numerical patterns. Geometry is math that applies to geometric shapes.

Which math used in mechanicl first year students?

A first year student would use mechanics, geometry, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, algebra, differential calculus, integral calculus.

What does kites have to do with math?

a kite is a shape in geometry, and math. it resembles a rhombus, a diamond like shape used in math and geometry.

Is geomatry a science?

No geometry is not science. Geometry is math!! :D

Is geomatry science?

No geometry is not science. Geometry is math!! :D

Use geometry in a sentence?

We are studying geometry in math class.

Is geometry in math?


Where can a person go to get geometry help online?

One can get geometry help from a number of sources. These include sites such as Math Help, Khan Academy, Math Leage, Go Geometry, The Math Page, and many more.

How do you create a geometry math story?

Using Math and words.