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A hexagonal prism is a polyhedron. Many hexagonal prisms are polyhedra.

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Q: Is a hexagonal prism a polyhedra or a nonpolyhedra?
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Related questions

What does a rectangular prism hexagonal pyramid and cube have in common?

They are all polyhedra with 12 edges.

What is a figure with more than four sides and five faces?

There are infinitely many polyhedra. Hexagonal Prism, Septagonal Prism, Ocatagonal Prism, Nonagonal Prism, Decagonal Prism, etc...

Is a triangular prism a polyhedra?

A triangular prism is a polyhedron. Polyhedra is a plural term.

Is a hexagonal prism a prism?

Yes, a hexagonal prism is a type of prism.

What is a hexagonal prism?

A prism with a hexagonal base.

How is a hexagonal pyramid and hexagonal prism alike and different?

They are both polyhedra. Both have at least one hexagonal face. A 6-pyramid has only one hexagonal face, a 6-prism has 2. A 6-pyramid has only 7 face, a 6-prism has 8. A 6-pyramid has only 12 edges face, a 6-prism has 18. A 6-pyramid has only 7 vertices, a 6-prism has 12.

Which two shapes have 8 vertices?

There are several polyhedra with 8 vertices. Some examples are: A heptagonal pyramid A hexagonal prism A hexagonal dipyramid (two hexagonal pyramid stuck together along their hexagonal bases) There is also the 2-dimensional polygon - the octagon.

Is a pencil be an octagonal prism or a hexagonal prism?

Pencils are hexagonal.

Does a hexagonal prism have more faces then a hexagonal pyramid?

yes hexagonal prism: 7 hexagonal pyramid: 6

How is a hexagonal prism different to a hexagonal pyramid?

A hexagonal prism has 2 hexagons. A hexagonal pyramid has1 hexagon.

How many sides is there in a hexagonal prism?

A hexagonal prism is a prism composed of two hexagonal bases and six rectangular sides.

How is hexagonal prism different to a hexagonal pyramid?

A hexagonal prism has 2 hexagon faces and a hexagonal pyramid has 1 hexagonal face.

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