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No, being a kilo, they are both the same weight

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Is kilo heavier than pounds?

Yes, A kilo is almost 2 pounds.

What is heavier than gold?

Osmium and iridium are both heavier than gold.

Is diamond heavier than gold?

It depends on the size of the diamond and the gold, but if they're the same size, the gold will be significantly heavier.

Is steel heavier than gold?

Gold is heavier than steel because gold has a higher density.

Is gold heavier than silver?

Based on the periodic table, gold is heavier than silver.

Is quartz heavier than gold?

nope, Gold is 8 times heavier than Quartz

What has more volume 1 kilo of liquid gold or 1 kilo of solid gold?

1 kilo of solid gold. because it has higher mass than 1 kilo of liquid gold.

Is platinum heavier that gold?

No. Gold is just a bit heavier than platinum.

What is heavier 5 cups or 1 kilo?

5 cups of water is heavier than 1 Kg.

What is heavier - gold or silver?

Pure Gold is heavier than pure Silver

Is gold or diamond heavier?

Gold is heavier than a diamond if they are both the same size.

Is iron heavier than gold?

Iron is heavier than gold, in physics and literature and Middle Earth too :}

Is gold heavier than metal?

Gold IS a metal. Gold is denser than all commonly occurring metals. Platinum, osmium, iridium, and plutonium are heavier than gold.

Which is heavier gold or iron?

Iron is lighter than Gold. The weight of one atom of gold is more than 3 times heavier than iron.

Are diamonds heavier than gold?

Gold is heavier than diamond. Diamonds have a specific gravity of 3.51. Gold has a specific gravity of 19.32.

Is gold light?

No. Gold is heavier than lead.

Does a bicycle frame weigh less than 1 kilo?

It is possible to build a frame weighing less than one kilo, but most are a bit heavier.

How much lighter is pyrite than gold?

In fact, pyrite is heavier than gold. I'm not sure exactly, but I believe it is anywhere from 5% to 20% heavier than gold of the same volume.

When describing something is less or more dense why aren't lighter and heavier sufficint descriptors?

Because lighter and heavier refer to an objects weight - which has nothing to do with density ! For example - a kilo of feathers is heavier than half a kilo of lead - but lead is more dense !

What element is heavier than Au?

All the elements with an atomic number greater than 79 are heavier than gold.

Is 1 kg of wet paint heavier than 1kg of dry paint?

A kilo IS a kilo - They are the SAME > . . . Answer The kilo of wet paint, dried, will weigh less. Another answer However, a kilo of dried paint chips still weighs a kilo.

What are two atoms that are heavier than carbon?

Lead and gold atoms are heavier than carbon but there are a lot more.

Does gold weigh more than silver?

Yes. Gold is the heavier metal

Is gold heavier than copper?

Gold is over twice as heavy as copper.

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