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No.This is because micrometer is smaller than the millimeter but the millimeter is much smaller than the kilometers so the correct answer is NO.

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Q: Is a kilometers small than micrometers?
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How many kilometers are in 34.7 micrometers?

34.7 micrometers is .0000347 meters or .0000000347 kilometers.

How many micrometers are there in 3 km?

3 kilometers=3,000,000,000 micrometers

How would you convert 78 micrometers to kilometers?

1 micrometer = 1.0 × 10-9 kilometers So, 78 micrometers = 0.000000078 kilometers

6.0 km is how many micrometers?

6.0 * 10^-6 m

How many micrometers in 4562 kilometers?

There are 4562000000000 micrometres.

How many Kilometers are in 1.549 micrometers?

A micrometer is one millionth of a meter, a kilometer is 1000 meters. So you can see there are no kilometers in a micrometer, but there are one billion micrometers in a kilometer

What is the order of metric units using centimeters micrometers kilometers millimeters meters nanometers decimeters and picometers?

From largest to smallest, kilometers, meters,decimeters, centimeters, millimeters, micrometers, nanometers, picometers.

How many micrometers are equal to 2.05 kilometers?

There are 2.05 billion micrometres.

How small is a micrometre?

1.000 micrometers are 1 millimetre.Really small!

What is the best unit of measurement to use when recording an object change of position?

The meter. If the distance is large, you may want to use kilometers instead; if the distance is small, millimeters or microns (= micrometers).

How small is plankton?

They are ten times bigger then bactereia. microscopic creatures are small. _______________________________________________________________ Femtoplankton > 0.02- .2 micrometers Picoplankton > 0.2 - 2.0 micrometers Nanoplankton > 2.0 - 20 micrometers Microplankton > 20 - 200 micrometers Mesoplankton > 0.2-20 millimeters Macroplankton > 2 - 20 centimeters Megaplankton > 20 - 200 centimeters

Is micrometers smaller than a meter?

Yes, they are.