Is a line perfectly straight

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Yes, it has to be straight or it is not a line.

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Q: Is a line perfectly straight
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How many degrees does a line have?

A perfectly straight line is 180 degrees.

If all points are on the same line what are they considered to be?

a perfectly straight line

What line is perfectly flat and level?

A straight line.

Does your graph not go up in a perfectly straight line?

No, it does not.

What are the meaning of straight lines?

Straight Line (noun): A line that will never curve, twist, or do anything else besides be perfectly straight.

Where can one stand up perfectly straight but still be considered perfectly sideways?

The equator line

Is a straight line always straight in a drawing program?

No, there may be gaps a pixel wide if the line is not perfectly horizontal or vertical.

What is a parallel line?

Two lines that are perfectly straight and will never intersect.

What is non- linear plot?

A linear line is one that is straight with no curves. A non-linear line would not be perfectly straight and can have many curves.

Why does a fly never fly in a straight line?

Flies don't have perfectly straight vision. They have many eyes that contribute to their vision so they can't fly in a straight line.

What is a real life example of a straight angle?

it would be 180 A perfectly straight line would be an example - like the edge of a ruler. Or a plumb line.

What does a straight angle makes?

A straight angle (180 degrees) makes a perfectly straight line. Any degree below 180 degrees (0-179 degrees) is NOT a straight angle NOR a straight line. straight angle = 180 degrees straight angle = straight line 180 degrees

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